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Fortinet Exam Questions

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Fortinet Exam Questions

Fortinet Certifications

  • NSE4 - Network Security Professional
  • NSE5 - Network Security Analyst
  • NSE6 - Network Security Specialist
  • NSE7 - Network Security Architect
  • NSE8 - Network Security Expert

Fortinet Exams

Fortinet is an American multinational company. The main area of its activity is cybersecurity. It includes anti-virus protection, endpoint security components, Cloud security, network security, security-as-a-service, zero trust access, security operations, and intrusion prevention systems, among others. Fortinet provides its customers with protection that can help them address the ever-increasing performance requirements of the borderless network. Among other things, this organization has its own certification program that gives attention to general cybersecurity as well as Fortinet products.

Certification Program

The Fortinet Network Security Expert (NSE) program consists of 8 certificates. It includes 3 awareness certifications, 3 technical certificates, 1 advanced certification, and 1 expert certificate. The program is aimed at evaluating the applicants’ competence in cybersecurity. Here are the highlights of these options:

1. Cybersecurity Awareness

The first group contains the certifications for beginners. They take a look at today’s cyber threats and information security as well as Fortinet solutions. These certificates are:

  • NSE 1

    This certification is revolved around cyber threats. Furthermore, it covers basic security concepts and terms. To get NSE 1, the individuals need to take 5 mandatory lessons and pass all quizzes within the Information Security Awareness course.

  • NSE 2

    This certification focuses on the evolution of cybersecurity as well as the types of security products created to address security problems faced by organizations and networks. Those who want to earn NSE 2 need to finish all the lessons and quizzes in the Evolution of Cybersecurity course.

  • NSE 3

    This certification gives attention to main Fortinet products as well as cybersecurity problems these products solve. The applicants who want to obtain NSE 3 need to ace all the lessons and quizzes in the Security-Driven Networking module. Furthermore, they need to take one additional module of their choice.

2. Cybersecurity Technical

This group of certifications is about FortiGate devices, Fortinet security devices, and products beyond the firewall. Here are the highlights of these certificates:

  • NSE 4

    This certification evaluates the expertise of the specialists in installing and managing the day-to-day configuration, operation, and monitoring of a FortiGate device. NSE 4 requires one test to nail. It is Fortinet NSE 4 – FortiOS.

  • NSE 5

    This certification takes a look at implementing network security management and analytics utilizing Fortinet security devices. The individuals interested in NSE 5 need to pass two of several exams.

  • NSE 6

    This certification measures the skills of the applicants in working with Secure Fabric products that go beyond the firewall. There are many tests that lead to NSE 6. The professionals need to nail four of them.

3. Cybersecurity Advanced

It consists of just 1 certification, which is NSE 7. It checks the specialists’ ability to deploy, administer, and troubleshoot Fortinet security solutions, among others. Those who plan to get certified need to nail one of the designated exams.

4. Cybersecurity Expert

It comes with 1 certification, and namely NSE 8. It concentrates on network security design, configuration, and troubleshooting for complex networks. To earn this certificate, the candidates should complete one written exam and one practical test.

Career Prospects

The certifications from Fortinet focus on the domain of cybersecurity. Therefore, they can be used for cybersecurity-related job roles. Furthermore, during the preparation process, the individuals can study new skills associated with the area. It includes deploying ZTNA agent and endpoint security features, using FortiEDR to protect one’s endpoints, provisioning FortiClient endpoints, and using the FortiClient EMS feature, among others. Besides that, the certificates cover the following topics: advanced analytics, public Cloud security, enterprise Firewall, and so on.