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Google Exam Questions

Google Exams

As a technology company, Google specializes in the Internet-related services and products. Its mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful for everyone. The organization believes that technology can unlock new opportunities for growth, which is why it helps make life easier with its products. Google thinks about its customers and partners and provides all the interested individuals with the certification program that covers different technologies, including Cloud, Android, IT support, Google Ads, data analytics, and so on.

Certification Program

The Google certification program is really broad, so you can find a path that you personally prefer. For example, you can choose from the following Google career certificates:

IT Support Track

This track is intended for the seasoned and future database administrators, IT assistants, help desk technicians, and tech support specialists who want to be able to troubleshoot all issues and maintain the correct work of networks and computers. There are two paths:

  • IT Support – This certification proves your knowledge of operating systems, security, networking, and so on. It can be obtained after taking the related course;
  • IT Automation with Python – After dealing with the required training course, you are able to validate your skills in Python programming, debugging, IT automation, as well as Git and GitHub.

Data Analytics Track

This track is for the operations analysts, data technicians, finance analysts, and marketing analysts who want to prove that they are able to create visualizations to share their findings with the stakeholders as well as provide recommendations driven by data. You can obtain the following certificate:

  • Data Analytics – With this certification, you can learn data storytelling with visualizations and know about data structures and types and analysis of data.

Project Management Track

All project managers, project analysts, Scrum masters, and program managers interested in validating their skills can earn the following certificate:

  • Project Management – You need to complete the course and show your skills in applying the Agile and Scrum frameworks, managing the stakeholders, and running effective meetings.

UX Design Track

To validate your skills as a UX Designer, a Visual Designer, an Interaction Designer, or a UI Designer, you can go for the following certification path:

  • UX Design – The potential candidates should be able to test and iterate on designs, conduct usability studies, and create wireframes and prototypes. You will earn this certification after taking the training course.

Android Development Track

For those individuals who want to become an Associate Android Developer, Google offers the following option:

  • Android Basics in Kotlin – This certification proves that you know the basics of Kotlin, its navigation and layouts, as well as how to use the Android Studio.

Besides that, Google offers a variety of other options. Thus, the company has a separate program for those specialists who are interested in Cloud. This program includes the following options:

  1. Foundational

    This is a starting point for the potential candidates, which includes the following certificate:

    Cloud Digital Leader: Passing the 90-minute test will prove your knowledge of Cloud, Google Cloud, and Cloud products and services.

  2. Associate

    If you have more than 6 months of experience building on Google Cloud, you can go for the following certification:

    Associate Cloud Engineer: To test your skills in planning and configuring a Cloud solution as well as configuring access and security, a potential candidate needs to pass one 2-hour exam.

  3. Professional

    This is a more advanced track with a great variety of certification paths that require more than 3 years of experience. Each path offers to deal with one 2-hour test to validate your skills and knowledge. All in all, the track includes the following options:

    • Professional Cloud Architect;
    • Professional Cloud Developer;
    • Professional Data Engineer;
    • Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer;
    • Professional Cloud Security Engineer;
    • Professional Cloud Network Engineer;
    • Professional Collaboration Engineer;
    • Professional Machine Learning Engineer.

Besides these programs, Google also provides the IT professionals with several separate programs, also known as Google Ads, Google Developers, and Google Analytics certifications.

Career Prospects

Obtaining a Google certification is a sure way to show your peers and employer that you have all the needed skills for your role to have a good salary and position. Thus, you will be able to prove your knowledge of the foundations of User Experience Design, Capstone, and Agile project management. You will also have the skills in conducting UX research and testing early concepts as well as representing data with lists and arrays in Kotlin. Besides that, depending on your title, you will be able to develop the ML models or apply the site reliability engineering principles to a service, which will also help you in your career.