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Project Management Professional

Certification: PMI PMP - Project Management Professional

Certification Overview

The Institute of Project Management offers various courses so that your skills and talents regarding project management are enhanced. These skills are related to different fields of management and so, PMI proffers diverse certifications in those areas of management expertise. One such certification is related to managing projects professionally; hence PMP, or Project Management Professional. PMI provides PMP certification online as well. This online availability of the course makes it accessible to a lot of professionals who are seeking ways of enhancing their potential.

In this PMP online training, the institute makes sure that the candidates are taught to lead and to manage well the projects that are being assigned to them while working in the competitive atmosphere of the industries. This is basically course designed well, keeping in mind the industrial needs of today. Due to increased competition, industries are now in need of professionals who are not only well educated and hold a university degree, but they also have undergone some field related training. Through this PMP online certification, the candidates will gather what the current age requires-efficiency.

Who can do this certification?

While working in an industrial era, you will definitely feel the need for direction while handling your projects. Management of projects along with all the employers is part of the management career. For that to happen effectively, they need proper training and learning under some recognized institute. So, managers who have gathered some practical experience in the area of management, should apply for PMP certification online. This will polish their findings about the field that they have already gathered through their previous knowledge and experience.


While the PMP certification will help you get more spice of knowledge, it will also add years to your career. Companies and industries who aim to bring professional and methodical practices to their share, pay more and appropriate to career oriented people. PMP certification in hand will mean that you are serious about the turnouts and you have the ability to manage and handle fully well the conditions and situations of a management post in any department of a company. This PMP online training will get you to the paths of success and promotions.

Associated Exams

The Institute of Project Management is currently offering eight types of programs; all relating to the science of management. The more certificates you have in hand, the better will be your position.


PMI sites that a high school degree or equivalent diploma with at least five years of experience in project management is the condition. If you have an Honors (four year bachelor's degree) then your work experience need is reduced to three years.

Examination overview

PMP certification online will help you train in the following domains as the test will be taken from the following topics:

  • Initiating the Project
  • Planning the Project
  • Executing the Project
  • Monitoring and Controlling the Project
  • Closing the Project

This is a step by step process taught by the syllabus. It deals with all the aspects of a project from initiating it to bringing to an end. Online PMP training will help you guide through the steps easily. The handbooks are available online just like the certification. Many study groups are formed virtually. You can form your own because group study will help you better understand your skills and the studied theories as project management is all about team work. Clearing this test will mean that you are able to mentor the rest of your group members who are working under your project. You will be better able to judge not only your own strengths and weaknesses, but also the qualities of your members.

You are not only given tools and other methods of how to manage and control a project, but the required professional codes of conduct and ethics are also part of the exam. You need to know how to build up lasting professional relations in a work environment and how to maintain them. Being a project lead does not mean that you start exercising authority and control over your colleagues all the time. It is about managing everything appropriately and properly. All of this is taught in the online PMP training.

Validity of the certificate

This certificate, like all other PMI certificates, is also valid till three years, after which it will be terminated.

Expert Review

John Reiling who himself has cleared the PMP, writes about the advantages of the certificate and says that experience teaches a lot of things, but having a good certificate in hand will round up your management skills. outside your comfort zone. In addition, being able to think outside your experience is an ingredient of leadership.”