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Project Management Institute PMP

Certification: PMI PMP - Project Management Professional

Certification Overview

PMP certification is the most renowned certification in the world of Project Management, issued by the PMI – Project Management Institute, top institute for Project Management in the world. It is a demanding, strict training and examination programme that pushes the best project managers to the surface, with goal of marking them as leaders on the Project Management market. At the moment, there are more than 100,000 project managers with Project Management professional PMP certification worldwide. This certification programe is a complete process of organizing the skills and knowledge required for performing project management works, in combination with project manager's experience, which leads to a mark PMP after your title which will highlight your skills and abilities to employers.

Who can/should take this certification?

PMP certification is the best project management professional certification designed for those project managers with enough experience and knowledge who wish to get a certificate that will help them stand out and increase their project management position winning chances as well as increase their income, since PMP is the most renowned project management certification in the world. Furthermore, project managers who want to become specialists in this field are also eligible to take PMP training and gain the PMP certificate, since it provides a great platform for organizing your knowledge and gain some skills you might be missing. The PMP certification is not just an exam that, if sucessfully passed, awards you with a certificate, but a serie of steps that brings you to a new level of project management, consisted of education, project management training, project management experience and, finally, exam.


Benefits of going to a PMP training are multiple. PMP certificate holder will enter a niche group of 100,000 project managers in the world who are in a renowned project managers society and whose income will probably be increased by holding this certificate. Additionally, the preparation process for PMP examination, i.e. PMP training will help solidify the knowledge and skills project manager already has.

Associated Exam

There are three exams associated to the PMP certificate gaining. Those are Tools and Techniques of Fundamental Project Management, Project Leadership and Communication and passing these two exams allows accessing the PMP Certification online Test. There is a possibility of taking PMP training lessons online as well, which will help project managers from countries and cities far from training centers to complete their training programme.


A trainee of PMI PMP certification programme should hold at least a High School diploma or equivalent. If so, he / she has to have minimum 7,500 work experience hours, 35 hours of education and 60 months of project management experience.

If a trainee holds a Bachelors degree, he / she should have 4,500 hours of work within the 5 project management groups and 36 months of experience. Additionally, 35 contact hours is required.

Examination Overview

After the training process, the final step towards gaining PMP certificate is taking an exam. The PMP examination is computer-based and examinees have to answer 200 multiple-choice questions. There are 5 categories, equal to five project phases.

Those are:

  • Initiation of the Project
  • Planning the Project
  • Executing the Project
  • Controlling and Monitoring the Project
  • Closing the Project

In the initiation phase category questions, examinees answer 13% of the questions and these questions should check their knowledge and skills on cost-benefit analysis, stakeholder identification techniques, project selection criteria and similar skills.

In the Project Planning category – related questions, the examinee answers 24% of the total test questions and shows his / her skills and knowledge on work breakdown structure techniques, time, budget, cost analysis skills and techniques.

The project execution questions consume the biggest part of the exam – 30% and examine the trainee's project monitoring capabilities, knowledge on quality standards and tools, project budgeting tools and techniques etc.

Project controlling and monitoring phase and category questions represent 24% of total questions and are relevant to examinee's knowledge on cost analysis techniques, integrated change control, project control limits and performance measures.

The last, but not the least questions set accounts for 8 % and checks knowledge on closing the project.

Validity of certification

The certification is valid internationally and has ISO standard mark. However, holders must visit continuing education seminars to keep it updated.

Expert Review

IT industry needs good project managers more and more lately and PMP is a certificate that will surely make your CV stand out and instantly increase your employment possibility worldwide.

Bob Crighton, London