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PMI PMP Test Dumps

Certification: PMI PMP - Project Management Professional

Certification Overview

The Institute of Project Management is delivering outclass services for candidates who are trying to find the best courses in the field of project management. The certifications awarded by the PMI are recognized all over the world; hence, providing managers the advantage of cross border transfers as well. PMP, or Project Management Professional is also one such course that is training project managers how to deal with and lead projects on a daily routine basis. This has lead to many successful careers and great achievements and accomplishments.

PMP is a comprehensive course and is related to the basic concepts of management. Through the training, and the PMP prep, the students are taught how to put into use, the theories and the concepts that they study. Getting knowledge is not the thing, also knowing how to actually employ that kind of awareness is also very vital. PMP prep will make you learn those tactics as well.

Who can do this certification?

People who are working in the field of management should definitely get a PMP certificate to ensure better performance and proper functioning as a project manager. The PMP prep will enable such individuals with the needed skills and potentials to handle the awarded projects with wisdom and proper strategies.


The benefits of getting a PMP certificate are certainly large and vast. This training will increase the management skills of a person and he will acquire and master the art of leading group projects to a proper fulfillment course. This ability to perform well will get them more opportunities of working with multinational industries and companies. The jobs will be better and so will be the payrolls. The greatest benefit of this certificate is that while preparing for it, you do not have to wreck yourselves by attending many preparatory classes. PMP exam prep online is available in many virtual study groups. So, with not much effort, you can get a certificate whose value is greater.

Associated Exam

PMI is actually offering a range of eight different project management certificates. These certificates belong to the different genres of project management and will help you understand this field so much better than before.


The official PMI sources state that a person must have a high school degree or an equivalent certificate along with a five year experience in the related area to stand eligible for the test. But if the individual carries a four year Honors degree, then three years experience will be enough to fulfill the eligibility criteria.

Examination Overview

PMP course has a very comprehensive and a concise outline of the topics that are tested in the exam.

  • Initiating the Project
  • Planning the Project
  • Executing the Project
  • Monitoring and Controlling the Project
  • Closing the Project

These five modules or chapters will help you through the whole course. Preparing for the test is not much of an issue since online help is readily available from many authentic web sources. PMP exam prep is now possible from both hard copy books and also PDF files that can be downloaded into your personal computer. These files contain not only the information about the exam, but also the test patterns. PMP exam prep pdf files will help you to study the course from wherever you want; the luxury of your home, or a tea break in your office. Test samples and previous question papers are also available for better practice and revision.

PMP exam prep course can be accessed by doing a little research online. Many reviews and expert opinions are also there to help you out. The above mentioned course outline is not much difficult and together with the help of online PMP prep options, you can pass this test with good scores.

Validity of the Certificate

You can take maximum advantage of this certificate for as long as three years after which it will expire. It is better to retake the test so that your training remains up to date and fresh.

Expert Review

Sam Grier gives his expert opinion about some of the best certificates that a person should achieve and he lists PMP as one of those. According to him it is necessary for a company to know that you are competitive enough to lead a project through to its end, keeping in view the limitations of time, budget and other resources. He says that PMP will equip the person with these skills related to the science of project management.