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PMI PMP certification, more accent on required exams

Certification: PMI PMP - Project Management Professional

Certification Overview

PMP exam is the industry-recognized certification for the project managers. It is an on demand and globally accepted certification. The PMI's Project Management Professional (PMP) is the most important certificate for project managers. It gives information that you have education, experience and competency to direct and lead projects. This certification has positive and direct impact on the salaries. This certificate can assure a secure future with higher rise in salary. For the year 2014, the PMP certification was rated the most valuable certificate by IT Career Finder in "the top ten Highest Paying IT Certifications for 2014 and also the PMP certificate is ranked as no 5 in “ global knowledge and also known as one of the best option for career enhancement at the global sector. There are PMP exam simulators which help in raising your score increasing your confidence for the big day..

Who can do this certification?

All project managers should have this PMP exam certificate especially those individual who wish to solidify their skills as an experienced project manager and to stand out from the crowd of employers. This maximizes your earning potential and also gives a secured future. Hence, this PMP Credential is a right choice for competence in directing and leading the projects


This examination helps in high rise of salary. Overall the PMP credentials will give around 20 percent gain in salary over non-credentialed project managers with the same qualification. This also gives the benefit to be on a networking potential. As you earn your PMP credentials, you will be in touch with others already holding the PMP Certificate. This will help to get job easily. It helps to train others as you will be able to teach others of the tools of management. It will help you to get greater job opportunities. It is perfect for making a career switch.

Associated exam

The project managers must pass atleaest the certificate associate in project management (CAPM) certificate examination to be eligible for this exam.


To apply for PMP, you need to have a secondary degree (associate's degree, high school diploma) with minim five years of project management experience or a bachelor's degree with three years of project management education. As the requirement is for the PMI's certification requirement program, there is a must requirement to earn 60 PDU's per three years in a cycle.

Examination Overview

To become a PMP, you must pass multiple choice examinations. The pmp certificate exam is designed to measure your ability to apply the project management knowledge in following 5 domains or process groups:-limiting the project, planning the project, executing the project, monitoring the project and closing the project

According to these above five domains this exam focuses on ten project management knowledge areas:

  1. Project scope management
  2. Project time management
  3. Project cost management
  4. Project quality management
  5. Project integration management
  6. Project stakeholder management
  7. Project Procurement management
  8. Project Communication management
  9. Project Human resource management
  10. Project risk management

These processes of knowledge areas are described by their tools, inputs and techniques and the output. The PMI also checks the proficiency level in each of the project management processes. They group accordingly as proficient, moderately proficient, and below proficient level.

It is a computer based exam. The PMP exam questions will have 200 questions and you get 4 hours to answer them. There will be 25 pretest questions which will not affect your score. The entire test is multiple choices and there are four options. Only one correct answer should be given. As there is no disclosure of total passing score for the candidates you must alteast answer 61 percent of 175 questions and this is not very difficult to score.

Validity of certification

This PMP certificate is valid usually for 5 years. This should be renewed on the fifth year of the cycle. During this period you must do the re-test and pass the exam before the expiry of your credentials.

Expert Review

This PMI's Project Management Professional (PMP) credits are one of the most important and must have certification for the project managers' post. With this course there is increase in job opportunities and also assures high pay in jobs. This not only boosts the morale but also gives great opportunity for individuals who are thinking to get a career change. Not only it is a globally accepted and recognized field it is a great way to enhance your career

James Gill, Vice president, InfoTech