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PMP Examination Specification

Certification: PMI PMP - Project Management Professional

Certification Overview

The certifications under the title of PMI are highly recognized in the international IT industry. The PMP- Project management professional certification b PMI is the most important and in demand certification exam by PMI. It has been internationally recognized as a leading testing system designed to test the competencies of individuals at directing and understanding organizational projects. The reason why this certification has earned so much recognition is because of the increased marketability and higher salary that is being provided to the employees. According to a survey, the individuals with PMP certification are able to earn three times more salary than individuals who are not certified.

Who can do this certification?

The PMP certification tests the skills for understanding and directing group projects. For individuals who have experience in handling organizational projects can opt for this certification to enhance their skills and stand out to the employers, increasing your earning potential. The PMP certification is the most recognized certification for individuals who desire to enhance their project management skills.


As mentioned above the PMP certification is internationally recognized as one of the best testing systems to validate the skills of individuals at understanding and handling group to high level team projects. 180 countries with hundreds of organization in it have PMI certification holders. The salary of a PMP certificate is three times higher than an individual who is not certified. There are higher chances of endorsements and promotions in the field.

Associated exams

There are no associated exams.

Pre requisites

In order to be eligible for the PMP exam, you need to have either

A bachelor degree or at least an experience of three to four years in the field with 5000 hours in directing and leading projects with 35 hours of educational experience in project management.


A secondary degree that can be a high school diploma with at least an experience of 5 years in the project management field with 8000 hours in directing and leading projects.

Examination overview

In order to become a project management professional it is important to clear a multiple choice question exam. The exam is designed to measure and assess the ability of candidates to apply their knowledge in the following domains:

Initiating Project (13% of the exam)

The students are required to have the skills regarding cost benefit and business case analysis, project selection as per impact and cost, risk identification and elements of project charter and lastly stakeholder identification strategies.

Planning project (24% of the exam)

For this section of the exam the candidates require the knowledge of following skills and knowledge; WBS techniques and tools, scope management tools, resource planning, uses and types of organization charts, techniques elements and purpose of project planning and time, cost and budget techniques.

Executing the project (30% of the exam)

For this section of the exam the candidates should know how about the; project management techniques and tools, elements of work statement, quality standard techniques, project budgeting techniques and tools, continuous process of improvement.

Controlling and monitoring the project (25% of the exam)

For this section of the exam the candidates require to know costs analysis tools, project management plan techniques, change management plan strategies, project performance techniques and project control limits.

Closing the project (8% of the exam)

For this section of the exam, the candidates require to know the skills of close out techniques, feedback techniques, statutes and archiving techniques, transition planning strategies, compliance and basic project accounting techniques.

This exam is based on computer and is administered internationally with translation aids in 14 different languages. There will be 200 questions in the exam out of which first 25 will not affect the score.

Validity of certification

The certification remains valid for 3 years after which the candidates are require to apply for a re certification exam that will test them for the knowledge of updated knowledge in the same domains. For candidates the recertification exam is simple and easy to clear because of all the practical experience they gain in the three year time period.

Expert review

PMP certification exam is a ladder for individuals to step up and become a part of the professionals. After clearing this certification exam their skills differentiates them for the individuals with maybe more experience at project management due to the enhance knowledge and critical testing system of this examination. It is important for candidates who wish to continue in the field to attain this certification.

Mr Nithin Shende, Pmp trainer (ICS, UK)