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Project Management Certification Program

Certification: PMI PMP - Project Management Professional

Certification Overview

If you are working in a multinational sphere and trying to enhance your skills so that you perform better, you must have a certificate awarding by the Institute of Project Management. PMI is currently offering many valuable certifications all related to Project Management but having different areas of specialization. These are eight in number and cover the basic training of project management. PMP, the abbreviation for Project Management Professional is the first on their list of many certifications. It is recognized internationally and so it will not be a waste of your time and energy if you ever decide to move across the borders.

This certification will maximize your talent and potential of Project management that you might already have gained through your experience. One always is in a need of further experience and knowledge. This is the perfect training for you to have once you have decided to lengthen the duration and worth of your career as a project manager.

Who can do this certification?

As is prominent by its name, this certificate is specially designed keeping in mind the requirements and the talents that should be present in an individual who is working as a Project Manager. The person should already have an experience of some magnitude before he decides to apply for this certificate because the experience will help him better in order to understand the full length of the course outline.


The advantages of this particular certificate are large in number. They are going to make you stand out if you are applying for a job vacancy. This will automatically give you a lead, among other applicants because you have in hand a certificate that speaks of your talents. This certificate means that you have the skill, the competent nature and full potential to manage group members through a project. Also preparing for this test will not be an issue for many online blogs provide you with PMP dumps for your help.

Associated Exam

As mentioned before, PMP is the first on the list. There are seven more exams and certificates that are also related to project management. The other exams will have different shifts and focuses of course.


If you wish to have this certificate, you need to have a high school degree of a diploma certificate of equivalence. Along with this, a five year experience is also needed. However, if you have done a Bachelor's program in four years, a three year tenure in the required field will suffice.

Examination Overview

The PMP dump that is provided on many online sources, tell us a lot about the real life experiences of all those who have appeared for the test. This kind of information is extremely vital in order to better understand the situation at hand. The course outline that will be tested in the examination consists of five basic elements of Project Management: initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, and lastly, Closing the Project. A PMP braindump sheet will tell you the percentage of appearance for these topics. An online PMP dump will tell you about important and the practical strategies for preparing for this exam. These are real experiences that will help you go through this process.

PMP certification dumps provide tactics to learn the syllabus for your exams. Mnemonics or mind maps are provided in those brain dumps so that you are not confused. A happy and a fun way of learning is provided in those PMP exam dumps. The dumps will not only guide you through preparation schedule, but also information about how to register and enter will be given. Information about the questions that are asked in the PMP exams is also given along with the answers. This kind of brain dump will help a lot in your revision of the topics once you have covered them.

Validity of this certificate

This certificate will last with you for three whole years after which it will be terminated. Reappearing for this exam, or other PMI certifications are recommended.

Expert review

Andrew Makar is an IT specialist who has also passed the PMP test. According to him, this is actually a code or a language for Project Managers through which they can communicate with each other and provide the necessary help and aid. He also shares his PMP dumps so that the others might learn from his own experience of how to get along, not only with the test but also how to apply what you have studied during the course.