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PMP Certified Project Manager

Certification: PMI PMP - Project Management Professional

Certification Overview

Project Management Professional (PMP) degree is a globally renowned degree and it is getting popular day by day. This course aims at building a generation of high quality professionals in project management who with their technical and critical proficiencies will be able to handle jobs much better. They will be able to make the most out of a simple business situation using experience and knowledge depth they have developed during the course work.

This degree makes the professionals attractive to the employers who demand something extra from the employees. The PMP preparation materials are available in a wide range of sources which makes it very easier for candidates to prepare for the exam.

Who should apply?

Professionals who are experienced in project management and who are in the related field of project management must apply for this certification. This is because; this certification increases the exposure the professionals get with the global business scenario. This helps in sustaining a very good career.


The certificate shows that the individual is fully capable of successfully handling project mechanisms. This increases the opportunity for them in working in a diverse and challenging environment. In addition, the completion of this certification results in an increase of the skill level in an individual.

Associated Exam

The PMP examination is set based of RDS (Role Delineation System). This RDS system encourages the questions to be analytical. This brings out the critical thinking and structured decision making ability from the candidates. The candidates are referred to a real life scenario and then assessed on the quality of making a good decision. There is a single exam paper for this certification. The PMP preparation materials could be found online which will be discussed in details in the exam overview section.


Individuals must have 5 years of experience in the field of project management. This is applicable for those having a secondary degree. However, for those having a bachelor's degree: It is required that candidates must have 3 years of professional experience in project management. This manager must have 4500 hours of project time spent supervising projects and 35 hours of time doing study related to the field of project management.

Exam Overview

Normally, there are three ways in which a candidate could take PMP exam preparation. This includes self-paced approach by studying online, classroom environment by enrolling in coaching centers and finally inviting the PMP specialist to conduct classes in your nearby school or colleges. PMP preparation course is offered online. They provide with the adequate PMP preparation materialneeded for the examination. The same is applicable for classroom environment and teachers coming to your home. They also supply you with the necessary materials required. The classroom discussion materials and lecture sheets are very important for the proper understanding of the key concepts. Many centers provide the opportunity to sit for model tests prior to appearing in the real exam. The model tests are also very important because it helps the candidates in setting up a pace for the real examination. The training methods also look to successfully bring out the critical and in depth thinking necessary for keeping up with the pace in the real exam. Thus, the training methods are highly effective.

The exam takes place on 5 topics which are called domains. The questions are set by a panel of PMP certified professionals which looks into bringing out the most from the candidates. Each domain is divided into tasks which satisfy specific criteria.

The following domains are being covered:

  • Project initiation
  • Project planning
  • Project execution
  • Monitoring and controlling the project
  • Project ending.

Domain 1 identifies all the necessary elements that are needed in starting a project. This includes case development, risks, feasibility issues, impact study and many more.

  • Domain 2 focuses on the most important part i.e. the planning of the project. This includes focus on matters like making the plan of the chain of command. This section also looks at allocating the work and making the necessary adjustments for making the process efficient.
  • Domain 3 is involved with topics like monitoring, quality standards, monitoring and improvement processes.
  • Domain 4 is involved with topics like variance analysis, cost analysis, trend analysis and change control.
  • Domain 5 focuses on how to close a project with the necessary formalities needed like review and feedback.

Certificate validity

The certification remains valid for 3 years and it is renewed upon the completion of 60 PDU (Professional Development Activities).

Expert Review

The role of project managers is becoming vital in the functioning of businesses today. Certified Project managers are attracting handsome salaries and are in demand most of the time because of their unavailability.