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PMP Exam Preparation

Certification: PMI PMP - Project Management Professional

Certification Overview

PMP certification is a very well known and demanding credential nowadays. This certification gives project managers the required knowledge and skills to run projects in an efficient manner. PMP certification is accepted across various industries and so project managers working in any industry can be benefitted from this certification. PMP certification Being PMP certified proves that the individual has the competency and experience needed to properly handle projects.

Who need to do this certification?

PMP certification will adorn the resume of any project manager. So Project Managers who want to progress in their career and be focused on the field of project management must achieve this certification. As this certification is not specific to any industry, any project manager can do this certification. PMP certification develops project management knowledge, teaches the systematic way of completing a project, at the same time promises a better career.


The PMP certification proves that you have the necessary knowledge to manage and guide projects productively. The PMP certification is also a proof that you are eager to learn and develop professionally, thus gives a positive image to employers. This certification is world recognized and certified professionals are guaranteed to have better salary and promotion.

Associated Exams

PMP credential demands a written exam to be passed. Candidates can take up to three attempts within one year for passing the exam. Candidates must attend a PMP training course before the exam and the exam should be taken no later than a year of finishing the training program.


The PMP credential has the following prerequisites:

  1. For a university degree holder, minimum three years of Project Management experience, along with 35 hours completion of PMP training course.
  2. For diploma degree holder or high school certificate holder, minimum five years of Project Management experience, along with 35 hours completion of PMP training course.

Project management experience must be gained no more than 8 years before applying for the PMP exam.

Examination Overview

The PMP exam covers the following domains:

  • Initiation of Project
  • Planning of Project
  • Execution of Project
  • Monitoring and Control of Project
  • Closing of Project

Most important criteria for project managers are that they must have very good problem solving skills and ability to perform critical thinking. Time management and good communication skills are also necessary for being good project managers. PMP certification is an excellent way to enhance these skills and capabilities. So even if individuals don't possess the skills mentioned above, they can easily acquire these skills by completing the PMP certification course. PMP certification teaches how to decide on project schedule, project budget, manpower, procurement allocation, and quality and risk issues. PMP certification is a complete guide for project managers to successfully complete a large-scale project in a systematic way.

A number of effective PMP exam preparation tools are available in the market. Exam preparation tools range from PMP book, PMP sample test, training courses, PMP exam boot camps, PMP dumps, etc. PMP sample exam is available in books as well as online. Sample PMP exam make candidates acquainted with the actual exam. These exams contain PMP sample questions. Answering or reviewing the PMP sample questions enable candidates to identify the level where they are in terms of understanding Project Management. The more PMP sample questions the candidate attempts, the more they will be familiar with the real exam. Internet is a great resource for finding PMP sample questions. PMP online training is also available for those who find it difficult to find a convenient training location. PMP exam dumps and PMP boot camps are also very effective tools for exam preparation. Apart from containing PMP sample questions, and thorough discussion on exam topics, PMP books also provide explanation to these sample PMP questions, and useful tips and tricks to apply during the actual exam. PMP training and PMP exam simulators are interactive methods of learning and candidates can be instant feedback about their understanding of various topics.

Validity of Certification

The validity of PMP certification depends on how many PDUs candidates earn during a specified period. It is mandatory for candidates to earn 60 PDUs in the form of self learning, performing project management related works, participating in PMP training programs or even doing voluntary services in relation to project management. These PDUs must be earned every three years, otherwise the PMP certification will become invalid.

Expert Review

It you want to chase a career that is focused on project related activities, then PMP certification is must for you to progress.

Kevin Archbold

Consulting Manager, Key Consulting, New York, USA