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Project Management Institute (PMI)

Certification: PMI PMP - Project Management Professional

Certification Overview

Project Management Professional certification from the PMI (Project management Institute) is regarded as the foremost credential for project managers as well as team leaders in several industries. There are approximately four hundred thousand managers who have obtained the Project management Certification from the Project Management Institute. PMI is a worldwide leader in the production of some of the finest management courses. To join this elite group, you have to pass the exam organized by the PMI.

Who Can Do This Certification?

If you are an experienced project manager and meet eligibility criteria based on a blend of project management training hours and practical experience leading projects successfully, then you can apply for Project Management Professional certification.


Getting a Project Management Professional certification is certainly regarded as a big investment in your specific career. To get this certification, you'll have to go through lots of serious trainings and studies. Several individuals consider the effort worth it because it will increase their chances of being promoted at their workplace. Even though it is costly to register and train for the examination, it is an excellent investment that is worth making. If you are thinking about changing your career, it is recommended that you get a PMP certification. Having a PMP will give you more career opportunities.

Associated Exam

Eligible candidates must pass a 200 hundred-question examination which tests their knowledge of project management tasks across five project phases – initiation, planning, implementing, monitoring plus controlling, as well as closing.


To qualify to sit for the PMP examination, the candidate must have finished a four year degree and no less than 3 years project management experience. Also, he or she should have no less than 4500 hours of experience leading and directing various projects. If you do not possess a degree but have a high school diploma or its global equivalent, then you must have 5 years project management experience. This means you need to have 7500 hours experience in project management.

If you meet all the criteria for qualification, you should enroll in a project management training class. There'll be at least thirty five hours of training. This course is widely known as PDU. There will be in-class and online training for finishing the training. The training touches on various facets of management. The prospectus as well as detailed syllabus can be obtained from the PMI website.

Examination Overview

Studying for the Project Management Examination is not an easy undertaking. Just like other certification examinations, there are three basic methods to prepare for the examination: conventional classroom based training, self study and online courses. However, do not feel restricted to only one. Several individuals who've passed the examination have utilized a blend of these.

First Option: Classroom Based Training

This option comes in a range of styles and requires the smallest degree of self discipline. Your local PMI chapters plus registered Education providers offer workshops, PMP study guide, as well as classes that are specially designed to teach you what you need to know as well as how you will be required to demonstrate you have learned. Ensure your instructor is a Project Management Professional who can provide you with a reliable PMP study plan. Taking the examination is an experience itself, and it is important that your teacher has had that experience. You can obtain the mandatory 35 contact hours needed to sit for the examination.

Second Option: Online Courses

This option is great for individuals on the go; also they are usually not as costly as classroom based training, due to the lower overhead of the course provider. This option requires some level of self discipline because you have the liberty to study at your schedule. Generally, online courses offer a blend of webinars which you watch, PMP study guide that you have to download, and web pages that that contain PMP study materials.

Third Option: Self Study

This is the least costly and thus the most common method that individuals study for the Project Management Professional examination. Also, it requires the greatest amount of self discipline. The fantastic thing about this technique is that you can save money as well as prepare for the examination on your own. This also implies that you have to be self motivated.

The main obstacle you will encounter using this study technique is that you will have to make your own PMP study guide and schedule. In addition, you have to assess as well as purchase your own PMP study materials. Bear in mind that self study is not included in the thirty five contact hour requirement. You'll have to utilize online or classroom training for that.

Validity of Certification

Once awarded, the Project Management Professional certification is valid for 3 years. To retain it, the holder will need to earn as well as report sixty PDUs (Professional Development Units) to the PMI.

Expert Review

Becoming a PMP will boost your confidence in managing your teams as well as your projects. In addition, PMP certification is great for business because many corporate organizations and governments now search for certified experts to lead their projects.