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PMP Certification Material

Certification: PMI PMP - Project Management Professional

Certification Overview

The PMI certifications are famous globally for the critical testing system. The PMP certification by PMI, more commonly known as the project management professional is one of the most prestigious certification exam under the title of PMI. To test how capable an individual is at understanding the concepts of project handling, this certification has been designed. It is one of the leading exams in the management and HR departments of the industry. The high passing criteria is a proof of the abilities a PMP certified holder has. The PMP holders are more recognized and demanded with high endorsements.

Who can do this certification?

The PMP certification is perfect for all who have some experience in the HR or management departments of the Industry. Candidates with business degrees are also perfect for this certification. Other than that, those who wish to pursue in the management field and enhance their skills can opt for this certification exam.


The list of benefits that PMP certification has is never ending. Once attained, the certification can prove to be highly beneficial for the individual by flourishing him with the skills of understanding the cores of management system. Successful candidates are then automatically more able to deal with the project strategies and different situations than those who are not certified.

Associated exams

There are no associated exams for PMP certification.

Pre requisites

Candidates interested in opting for the PMP certification should have either of the below mentioned educational or job history:

A secondary degree that can be a high school diploma with at least an experience of 5 years in the project management field. Along with 8000 hours experience of directing and leading projects.


A bachelor degree or at least an experience of three to four years in the field with 5000 hours in directing and leading projects with 35 hours of educational experience in project management.

Examination overview

The PMP is a multiple choice pattern computer based exam. To clear the exam it is significant to have knowledge regarding the subjects of 5 following domains. Candidates must be able to assess and understand these subjects:

Executing the project (30% of the exam)

For this part of the exam the candidates must be equipped with the knowhow about the; quality standard techniques, project management techniques and tools, , elements of work statement project budgeting techniques and tools, continuous process of improvement.

Controlling and monitoring the project (25% of the exam)

For this part of the exam the candidates must have the knowledge of project performance techniques, costs analysis tools, project management plan techniques, change management plan strategies, and project control limits.

Planning project (24% of the exam)

For this part of the exam the applicants require the knowledge of following skills and subjects ; management tools, resource planning, techniques elements and purpose of project planning and time WBS techniques and tools, scope uses and types of organization charts, cost and budget techniques.

Initiating Project (13% of the exam)

The candidates for this section should have the skills regarding cost benefit and business case analysis, project selection as per impact and cost, risk identification and elements of project charter and lastly stakeholder identification strategies.

Closing the project (8% of the exam)

For this section of the exam, the candidates must be able to know the skills of feedback techniques, close out techniques, transition planning strategies statutes and archiving techniques, , compliance and basic project accounting techniques.

This exam as stated above is computer based and is available now in 13 different languages. The pmp exam questions consists of 200 questions out of which the first 25 will not be scored as these pmp question are to test the level of difficulty at which the candidate can be tested.

Validity of certification

The PMP certification exam remains valid for 3 years. To keep up with the value of your certification the successful candidates are to apply for a re certification exam. This re certification exam according to the experts will be easier for the candidates to clear after years of experience in the field.

Expert review

According to the expert Sameer Kumar who is an IT specialists and Data analysts from India provides a feedback on the certification saying that this certification holds great importance in the industry. Young students must consider opting for this as it can prove as a great opportunity to learn the new and basics about the project handlings.

Sameer Kumar, IT specialist, India