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PMP Certification Test

Certification: PMI PMP - Project Management Professional

Certification Overview

Project Management Institute is providing certifications of many kinds regarding project management, which is very useful when it comes to industrial operations. PMI proffers a list of eight different certifications, all of which are related to management fields. PMP, or Project Management Professional is one such course which will help you develop your talent as a manager. This certificate directly means that the certificate holder has the needed education, training and the expertise to handle well situations when it comes to project management.

As time passes, the value of the PMP certificate has also increased. An individual who passes this test and undergoes the training, is a fully equipped manager having leadership qualities and the potential to direct projects to their completion. PMI is polishing managers all over the globe so that they contribute to the success of their associates.

Who can do this certification?

Managers who are supervising projects in their jobs should definitely get this certificate. Professionals who are hired to lead a group of members so as to bring a project successfully to a closure do need special training and expertise. PMP will surely help them in getting this required skill.


Having a PMP certification will automatically give you a higher credit while appearing for a job interview. This special kind of training will furnish you with skills that companies and industries these day treasures. You will be able to provide the full advantage of your training to your team while giving it a direction. The largest benefit for this certification is that it is recognized internationally and is acceptable in cross borders as well. This will surely help to produce an increase in your payroll as well. You will secure a much better position at your company and chances of promotion will be higher. You will be the most likely manager for your company's largest and most important projects in hand.

Associated Exams

PMI is actually awarding certificates all related to the different specialization courses in management. There is a total of eight types of certifications that PMI is currently providing.


In order to appear for this exam, you must hold a high school degree or a diploma of equivalent certificate. Along with that five years of experience in the field of management is also important. If you have a four year Honors Bachelor degree, then three years of experience will suffice.

Examination overview

The PMP certificate covers all kinds of management related topics. You will be trained to successfully initiate your project and to bring it to conclusion without encountering mishaps or unfortunate events. Preparing for these topics is not really difficult, especially with the trend of PMP boot camp. You can join these camps so that with full concentration and focus, you can train yourself for the actual exam. In a PMP bootcamp the students are made to go through and then to revise all the topics that could come in the exam.

The most reliable PMP certification boot camp that you will locate will have experienced instructors who have, over the years, not only trained future professionals, but they themselves have been successful project managers. This PMP boot camp will last almost for about 4-5 days usually and you can appear for the test after a fortnight. Many of the boot camps have this interesting offer that they return your fee payment if you are not able to clear the exam through their preparation. This shows that a good PMP boot camp prepares you well for the test.

Validity of the certificate

Just like many other certifications, certificates awarded under PMI also are valid for a lapse of three years. It is rightly suggested that one should reappear for the certificate so that the talents as a manager remain fresh and evergreen.

Expert Review

Experts have a lot to say about the importance of a PMP certificate. They also provide information regarding PMP boot camps. Allen Green is quite an experienced professional on this field. His PMP boot camp reviews show that they are important because the strict and the firm study atmosphere that we can find in a camp will not be available in our self created homely atmospheres. Your focus does not shift and the schedules are always followed. The deadlines for test preparations are also always met. He also provides information about boot camps so that while selecting one for yourself, you choose the best one so that your valuable time is not wasted.