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Certification: PMI PMP - Project Management Professional

Certification overview

Certificate Project Management Professional (PMP) ® - is one of the most recognized professional certification in project management. Rank PMP demonstrates managers and subordinates that there is a great asset specialist knowledge in project management, which can be successfully applied in practice, and at least three-year experience in project management.

On August 1, 2014 the number of such specialists in the world has reached 627 844. In many corporations, one of the key requirements for a specialist in hiring or promotion, is the presence of status PMP®.

PMP certificate confirms the knowledge and skills in the management and coordination of project teams and provide the project results within the constraints of schedule, budget and resources.

Who need to do this certification?

Senior and middle managers, project managers, leaders of project teams, coaches and consultants, heads of departments with medium and high level of training.


PMP is traditionally one of the ten most demanded after IT certifications in the world. Some companies are already starting to write in a job offer «PMP credential is a plus». In addition to the increasing value of PMA in the labor market, preparation and submission of PMP provide useful knowledge and experience.The acquired knowledge provide an opportunity to speak the same language with professionals around the world and allow to confirm their practical experience in project management.

Associated exams



Higher education (from bachelor), 3 years of practical experience in project management, 4,500 hours of experience of participation in projects (need to paint), 35 hours of project management education.


High school diploma, 5 years of practical experience in project management, 7,500 hours of experience of participation in projects (need to paint), 35 hours of project management education.

Exam over view:

The PMP exam assesses the degree of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques that are applied in practice in project management.

The preparation for the PMP:

  1. Visit the 5-day course to prepare for the PMP: lectures are informative, but unfortunately, I can not call them my best resource for training.
  2. Read the book by Andy Crowe's PMP. This book will clarify many issues. This is well enough digestible resource. In addition, answer every question in the book, including a workshop on the 200 questions.
  3. Reading books by Rita Mulcahy 6th edition. Despite the some confusing statements, I would like to note (based on the experience of the exam) that the content ofchapters of her book is absolutely true. The book is replete with PMI-isms, due to real (large-scale) projects. I answered all the questions in this book.
  4. Try to remember all the ITTOs, writing them down on paper (it takes a long time, but brings real benefits).

It is also recommended to attend pmp classes or online courses. It gives you real practice in PMP exam prep. “This had been getting more difficult for me to get the good score in the pmp class as I was not getting well prepared for the same. Then I came to hear about the excellence of the pmp classes online from the achievers and that made me to copy them in the preparatory part. Finally I had the best practice over there with a lot of good pmp classes and finally I got myself in a much better position to score the high marks in the exam», - says Gianni Montana, one of the PMP holders.

For successful completion of the course material is necessary to know the basics of project management at the level of basic course PM Expert or a good knowledge of the standard. In order to assess their readiness to study the material, we recommend that you get tested for self-examination in the fundamentals of project management. Download questions to the basic course on project management and answer key.

If you have joined the ranks of the few certified professionals in project management, it is too soon to relax. In the next three years there is plenty to do. Association came up for continuing education after passing the exam in the form of seminars, conferences and symposia held in the framework of the PMI, in the amount of 60 hours.

Validity of certification

After receiving the certificate Project Management Professional, you need every three years to confirm it.

Expert review

When you apply for any position, your PMP certification tells people that you would be the right choice for the profession and that you obtain certain capabilities, - says Ms. Allenchey, directorof The Center for Effective Performance Inc. (CEP), Atlanta, Ga., USA.