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ITIL Training

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Certification Overview

The popularity of different courses including ITIL has been observed in contemporary times. In this regard, it is very important to know what actually ITIL is. It stands for IT infrastructure library. It is a known fact that the IT community has a very high demand for quality as well as cost effective Information Technology services. In this respect, the relevant certifications are objected to providing professional training to competent students who are desirous of enhancing their professional credentials for a brighter career prospect. Therefore, it can be said that the training that is the topic of discussion helps the candidates to measure their competency, ability, performance in various areas of information systems. It can be said beyond any kind of obfuscation that this type of training practice promotes career development, raises industry standards, simultaneously providing competitive edge for the employers. Who can do this certification?

The certification is intended for candidates who want to be part of skilled force in the IT industry. The exams in the course aid a candidate to successfully launch his or her professional career in IT field. Apart from adding the appropriate skills to a candidate's profile, the certifications proves to be very much helpful in making professionals committed as well as dedicated to their careers.


Among the benefits are incorporated the introduction of best practices across the IT sector on a global scale. It aids in cost reduction, boosts the IT service quality, enhances company productivity. Modern companies require such services as they are highly effective in escalating the company performance, thereby maximizing profits in business. Such certification improves the flow of information, communication between businesses, professionals, customers, clients.

Associated Exam

The course has four levels of qualification, which are as follows:

  • The foundation level
  • The intermediate level
  • The expert level
  • The master level

The series of qualifications that comprises of the ITIL certification is very much helpful for professionals to grasp the various concepts of the subject in detail. The tiered structure as discussed above imparts flexibility in learning the different subjects of the course. It also allows candidates to be attentive on certain crucial areas of interest.


The course of IT Infrastructure Library is suitable for those professionals who are associated with the Information Technology. Understanding the IT industry is very important to get a grip of the course. One must show interest in IT related matters. One can find candidates having expertise in product development or in the IT service sector to exhibit interest in this type of courses. With the aid of this training mechanism, necessary skills are provided to competent managers of organizations, IT professionals so that they can deliver customer centric, affordable IT services that are essentially business driven types. The objective of the foundation course is to prepare the trainees to understand the innovations and the different processes that are attached to the course.

Examination Overview

The course involves four qualifying levels and successful completion of each level is important to get the certificate. Any IT professional with itil certification is capable of going up in the corporate ladder. The 4 levels are the following:-

ITIL Foundation

The basic or foundation level attempts to train individuals with the basics of the subjects. Comprehending the basics is important in order to progress to other aspects of the subject.

ITIL Intermediate

The intermediate level imparts necessary skills pertaining to ITIL change management to professionals. This level is a bit involved when compared to the foundation level. It requires the candidate to have a vivid and lucid understanding of the subject basics. Therefore, people who successfully complete the basic level are eligible to sit for the intermediate level.

ITIL Expert

This level is more convoluted in approach as compared to the previous levels and therefore requires the people to be more studious, concentrate more in order to understand the different aspects of the subject. To embark upon this level, it is mandatory to complete the ITIL intermediate level certifications.

ITIL Master

The master level requires competent managers with adequate experience, expertise in their field of activity to successfully complete the ITIL expert level of training.

Validity of certification

The ITIL certification does not expire in sharp contrast to certifications of technical and business examinations that remain valid only for a certain period of time.

Expert Review

From the blog it is candid that such training has its benefits for professionals in Information Technology so far as their career in IT is concerned.

Harshel Long, Auckland, NZ