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ITIL Certification Path

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Certification Overview

ITIL, or the Information Technology Infrastructure Library, offers certifications on passing throughout their tests. It is actually a library of to the point eight volumes of books that provide the software engineers and technicians with the required information related to how IT can help enlarge productivity while cutting down the costs. This direction is actually provided by the Commerce Governemnt of the United Kingdom. After every few years, the patterns and the editions are revised so as to house the newest of advancements in the field of IT. Exams are taken from the information and the passing candidates attain certificates.

These certificates are a mark of the fact that the certificate holder is competent of maneuvering situations astutely and to help companies progress further using IT system. There has been a recent tendency of utilizing IT as a means to increase production and due to this trend, many firms and companies are making use of ITIL service management to make their functioning suitable using lesser resources.

Who can do this certification

Due to the changes that have taken place in all the departments of industry, like marketing, finance etc, Information technology techniques are constantly being introduced. So technicians and engineers working in such spheres need to get this particular ITIL v3 certificate so that the ITIL service management is used to properly do the work. Professionals who are concerned with business configuration can also help their business boost up after undergoing this type of training.


The major reason of introducing IT in companies is that it mechanically means lesser manpower. The labor that the system managements can do will be lots faster and less energy consuming. There are fewer chances of errors. International communication is also made easier and faster. These improvements will also generate more competition and will give climb to entrepreneurship. And when a person is equipped with skills that can execute all of this is definitely needed in companies. This will lead to better job opportunities.

Associated exams

In order to clear ITIL, you need to undergo four levels of exam. They instigate from the intermediate level and reach up to the expert level. Each level has different number of credits.


Experience in the required field is imperative as that would help them better understand and practice the conjectures. Otherwise, each level of exam is a prerequisite for the next one.

Examination overview

The ITIL exam consists of four different exams. The levels are set according to the levels of difficulty:

  • Foundation
  • Intermediate
  • ITIL Managing across the Life cycle
  • Expert

These are the set of four tests that you need to clear for the certificate. In the first test, you will be tested on the basics of the concepts terminology and awareness. This is in fact the beginner level. On the second step of the exam, a changed focus on ITIL service management is created. Since this is more in detail, passing this exam is industry-recognized. The intermediate level certifications can be acquired few or as many times as you desire. There are five modules and ITIL processes that are tested in intermediate exam. They include: service strategy, service design, service transition, service operation and continual service improvement. The students are tested on the service life cycle in detail on the third stage. In the area of ITIL service management, the candidates are trained to be taught how to supervise and position the life cycle of the service. This is basically tested here. The last stage will provide you with the expert level diploma. With that training and expertise in hand, you will be able to virtually implement all of the learned applications, methods, principles and techniques related to the ITIL service management. This last exam will have an individual touch to it as well, because the candidates will be required to answer why and how they selected from a large assortment of methods of some techniques to be applied.

Validity of the certificate

Once you get hold of this certificate, it will not have any expiry date. Unlike other certificates which expire after a period of 1-3 years, this will keep on benefiting you for a long time.

Expert review

Rich Hein talks rightly about ITIL after making the right kind of observation and research. For him, ITIL is providing certificates of the highest rank in today's world. He thinks the reason for its popularity is that ITIL provides very useful information about how to introduce improvements in various departments of the company to cut down costs and increase production.

Rich Hein

Managemnt Trainer, Pride IT Ltd.