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ITIL Preparation

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Certification Overview

ITIL is a collection of industry best practices in the field of IT Service Management. It is used globally across various organizations to improve quality of IT Service Management. Service Management gives added value to the organization's customers by providing quality services. Quality of service is maintained through various processes and functions within a lifecycle. The core idea behind the idea of Service Management is turning the available resources to quality services. ITIL course are designed to understand how ITIL processes are matched with the various stages of service lifecycle. It also lets candidates understand the key concepts of service design, strategy, and transition; deduce the methods of service operation; and understand the main principles related to improvement of continuous service.

Who need to do this certification?

The ITIL course is targeted towards IT professionals of all levels, business managers, and business owners. This course, specially the ITIL foundation course or the version 3 ITIL v3 foundation course, is appropriate for those who require basic introduction to the ITIL infrastructure. The ITIL course is also for those whose job is related to Service Management. The ITIL course creates demand for the following positions:

  • Business Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Change Manager
  • Problem Manager
  • Service Desk Analyst
  • Help Desk Manager


The ITIL certification improves service management within industry. Companies having ITIL certified professionals become customer focused. This is because ITIL courses teach individuals the importance of customer needs and feedback. Happy customers bring better return for the company. ITIL certified professionals are also able to handle change within the organization more effectively and efficiently than the non-certified professionals. They bring in positive change in the services of the organization without risk or obstructing regular activities. These professionals are offered better salary, promotions and opportunities for growth. These certified professionals bring in positive energy in the workplace, boosting the rest of the employees' performance, so ultimately increases the company's productivity.

Associated Exams

A written exam should be passed for becoming ITIL certified.


For the ITIL foundation course or the ITIL v3 foundation course, there is no official prerequisites. For higher level ITIL certifications, ITIL foundation course acts as the prerequisite. Candidates must also attend compulsory ITIL training courses in order to appear in higher level certification exams.

Examination Overview

The ITIL foundation certification is mostly popular among IT professionals working with IT Service Management. The certified professionals can provide positive contribution to the service quality improvement within an organization. The objectives of the ITIL foundation course are:

  • Developing new services and improving the current ones
  • Applying good practice throughout the organization
  • Understanding the total concept of Service Lifecycle, including the five processes of service design, service strategy, service operation, service transition and service improvement
  • Understanding each phase of the Service Lifecycle
  • Recognizing and reporting the services including service catalogue, service portfolio, etc.
  • Understanding the main models and principles which includes creating value through services
  • Understanding the crucial factors of success, importance of processes and people
  • Understanding the various ITIL processes which includes service design, service transition, service operation, service strategy and service improvement
  • Gaining knowledge on the various roles and functions of Service Management including the functions of service desk, IT operations, technical and application functions.

The ITIL certification course is not easy to pass. So candidates must be well prepared before sitting for the actual exam. Various ITIL training courses are available. The ITIL training course includes the complete exam topics, overview of core concepts and lots of practice exercises and tests. ITIL classes are conducted in well equipped classrooms and experienced instructors. ITIL online course is also available. ITIL courses online give candidates the freedom to do the training anytime from anywhere. ITIL course material is easily accessible in the market and online as well. ITIL course material includes guide books, study dumps, sample questions and answers, etc. Though ITIL training course is not mandatory for the ITIL foundation level certification, it prepares candidates well so that they can easily pass the ITIL exam.

Validity of Certification

The ITIL certification doesn't have any expiration date. There is no need to recertify the certification also. Once, the certification is achieved it will be valid for a lifetime.

Expert Review

ITIL is not a compliance related regulation, or an enterprise based certification. It allows companies to move forward by providing quality Service Management and outstanding customer satisfaction.

Aaron King

Business Manager, IT Global Ltd., Florida, USA