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IT Infrastructure Library Certification

Vendor: ITIL

Certification Overview

IT infrastructure library certification or more commonly known as ITIL is gradually establishing itself as a management system because of the increased efficiency and cost saving benefits it provides to the organizations. The effectiveness of the ITIL system has encouraged organizations to set up their management system according to the ITIL and this requires ITIL certified professionals. ITIL professionals are chosen over the normal employees because it would result in savings for the organization as the professionals would not have to be trained and ITIL professionals are competent to fulfill the needs of the organizations.

There are three levels for the certification: ITIL foundation, ITIL practitioner and ITIL Service manager. There is a new level of ITIL certification known as ITIL v3.

Who needs this certification?

Individuals required for working in organizations that are using ITIL system must get this ITIL certification. Hence, those who have the willingness to work in ITIL system should go for this certification.


Many reputed bodies are getting ITIL systems for running their operations. Therefore, this has resulted in increased job opportunities for those with an ITIL certification.

Associated Exam

Candidates need to appear for a single exam.


The certification does not require any specific prerequisites before appearing in the foundation level. However, the exam hierarchy shows that after completing the foundation level a candidate can give the practitioner level exam. After completing the practitioner level he could appear for the Service manager level exam.

Exam Overview

The students must get access to ITIL study guide before appearing in the exam. ITIL study material is available online thanks to a wide range of training programs offered online. These ITIL study materials offer plenty of suggestions and resources to the candidates.

The ITIL foundation exam focuses on ITIL basics. This includes knowledge about basic ITIL management systems. ITIL foundation study guide provides the syllabus details which can be found online.

The ITIL practitioner exam and can is divided into 3 modules:

  • Release and control- Involves dealing with change, release and configuration management.
  • Support and restore- Involves managing incidents, problems and service desks in an organization.
  • Agree and define- This section deals with service level and financial management

The practitioner level brings out an essence of practical knowledge regarding ITIL management system. The foundation level only looked at the relevant theories being used. However, the practitioner level looks at the real life aspects of ITIL management.

After completing the practitioner level, students move towards a more advanced Service manager level. This is equivalent to a master level. Therefore, this section looks at the complex application of knowledge required to operate ITIL system in an organization. The service aspects are looked into in detail. The following topics are looked at for Service manager level:

  • Service Strategy Concepts
  • Service Design Level
  • Service Transition Level
  • Service Operation Level
  • Continual Service Improvement

There is a newer, 3rd version of ITIL, which is called the ITIL version 3 or more commonly known as ITIL v3. The pathway is different in this certification than the conventional one. In this version, candidates have to select from two categories of modules after completing their foundation certificate. They have to complete their certification either on Service Lifecycle Modules or on Service Capacity Modules. After that, the candidates can complete the ITIL expert certification.

ITIL v3 study material could be collected from online. Some institutions also offer the additional ITIL v3 study guide to their students. This is quite helpful for taking adequate preparation before the exam.

The course content in the ITIL v3 foundation level is similar to that of ITIL foundation level which could be seen from the ITIL v3 foundation study guide.

The service capacity modules include:

  • Protection, Optimization and Planning
  • Agreements and Service Offerings
  • Control, Release and Validation
  • Analysis and Operational Support

The managing across lifecycle includes modules to test and develop the skills needed for successfully implementing managerial actions. It focuses on some of the core concepts related to service management. The different modules are therefore a part of the service management.

The Expert Level as the name suggests requires a comprehensive understanding and application of the key processes, systems and theories related to entire syllabus. This is fairly difficult as the questions consist of subject matters across the entire syllabus.

Validity of Certification

The ITIL certificate is valid without any limits.

Expert Review

ITIL Certification is becoming a popular certification day by day. This certification is acting as an industry standard for service management in the field of IT. ITIL systems have always ensured quality. This has resulted in an increase in profits.

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