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ITIL Certification Training

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Certification Overview

ITIL certification which can also be called Information Technology Infrastructure Library certification is a globally accepted certification attracting the interest of many fresh graduates and professionals. It is designed for those who want to work in challenging and versatile organizations with a fresh new approach. This system aims at achieving efficiency and excellence at management levels. This has created the demand for quality ITIL certified professionals in the field of management. ITIL system is being adopted by many giant organizations and this has enforced necessary changes to take place including changing the structure of human resources. This article looks at the type of certifications ITIL offer along with a brief overview of the course curriculum at each level of the certifications. The training facilities that are provided for candidates before sitting in the exam will also be discussed in details. The ITIL certifications come in three levels and hierarchically ordered they could be shown as: ITIL foundation, ITIL practitioner and ITIL Service manager. A new level known as ITIL v3 has been recently introduced.

Who needs this certification?

Individuals who want to work in an organization which is managed by the ITIL system should complete the certifications.


There are increased job opportunities and exposure for professionals having an ITIL certification. This has led to increased salaries and benefits.

Associated Exam

Candidates must appear for a single paper.


There are no specific prerequisites for appearing in the ITIL foundation exam. However, one should get qualified in the foundation level before appearing in the practitioner level. This means that one should get qualified in practitioner level to appear in the Service manager level.

Exam Overview

ITIL foundation exam only focuses on the basics of Information Technology Infrastructure Library.

The ITIL practitioner exam is divided in the following way:

  • Release and control systems
  • Support and restore in an organization.
  • Agree and define

The practitioner level looks at some of the intermediary practical knowledge involved in the ITIL management system. The theories that are taught in the foundation level are applied here.

At the Service Manager level, students are required to look at the difficult tools and techniques used in service management. This thus establishes the framework for working in a service management organization. The knowledge depth acquired at service management level is vital in performing the critical tasks in an organization.

The Service Manager level focuses on the following modules:

  • Service Strategy
  • Service Design
  • Service Transition
  • Service Operation
  • Continual Service Improvement

The new version of ITIL, i.e. ITIL v3 differs from the previous ITIL certification because of the certification hierarchy. In version 3, after giving their foundation exams can appear for two certifications namely: Service Lifecycle Module and Service Capacity Modules. Then they can carry on completing their certification in expert level.

The course content is fairly the same for both the foundation levels.

The modules for Service capacity include:

  • Protection, Optimization and Planning techniques
  • Agreements and Service Offerings
  • Control, Release and Validation techniques
  • Analysis and Operational Support mechanisms

The managing across lifecycle modules consist of:

  • Core understanding management concepts of the ITIL system
  • Service management related to ITIL
  • Overview of the skills and competencies required for effective management

The expert level focuses on the entire concepts and practical aspects covered in all the certifications before. Comprehensive solutions are required from ITIL students who are sitting for the expert level certifications. Hence, the questions are fairly difficult. However, if a student is prepared well for the examinations, they could tackle the questions with ease. ITIL training centers can do the task of preparing the students for the exam.

Before appearing for the exam, students usually prepare themselves by enrolling in different training centers which offer ITIL training courses. There are plenty of ITIL online training centers which usually help in preparing their students. They provide the training for all levels including ITIL foundation training and ITIL v3 training.The training programs usually assist the students by supplying them with resource materials. They offer the service of providing mock exams as well before the main exam. The mock exams could be given both online and in a classroom environment depending on the needs of the student. For students who cannot appear in classroom teaching environment, ITIL video is provided to them via internet.

Validity of Certification

The ITIL certificate is valid without any specific limits until further changes are made by the authority.

Expert Review

ITIL certification has resulted in the opening of many jobs for ITIL certificate holders. This means that the ITIL certified professionals are completely up to the mark in meeting the requirements or high standards set by the organizations.