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ITIL Certifications Analysis

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Certification Overview

ITIL certification has become very popular these days. The fact may be that companies are placing greater emphasis on quality of services they provide. Service management means developing, designing, improving and operating IT services that support customers and the organization itself. The ITIL certification not only improves service quality, but also reduces service costs. The ITIL sets a common language, so communication across the organization becomes very easy. Employees can take group decisions more effectively.

ITIL certification exam began its journey in the 80s when many companies realized the importance of service quality in the IT sector. In the 90s, the second version of the certification appeared, that is, ITIL v2 exam. Later the third version, ITIL v3 exam, became available cantered around the concept of Service Lifecycle.

Who need to do this certification?

ITIL certification exam has several levels starting from the ITIL foundation exam to the expert level ITIL exams. Anybody who wants to get familiarized with the ITIL framework can take the ITIL foundation exam. Business managers or IT professionals whose work revolves around Service Management will be highly rewarded by taking this exam. Individuals who want advanced ITIL certification must pass the ITIL foundation exam before applying for the expert level courses. ITIL certification allows professionals to seek for the following job categories:

  • Business Manager
  • Service Desk Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Business Owners
  • Help Desk Manager
  • Change Coordinator
  • Change Manager
  • Problem Manager


By passing the ITIL exam, individuals become expert in the segment of ITIL framework. Individuals learn to value customer needs and suggestions and also learn to base their decision on customer requirements. The service quality increases, employee performance increases and thus the companies start producing better results. Risks are minimized, resulting in cost reduction for the company. Businesses become more adaptable to change and these certified employees bring in the change very smoothly and efficiently. The certified professionals become part of a professional network of ITIL experts and gain valuable insights about modern ideas and concepts about Service Management.

Associated Exams

Scoring pass mark in the written exam is a must for achieving the ITIL certification.


ITIL foundation exam has no prerequisite. Other higher level ITIL exams require participating in formal ITIL training course of fixed length. Three to five years of practical experience is also necessary. The lower level ITIL exams must be passed for attaining higher level ITIL certifications.

Examination Overview

ITIL exam has evolved over the years. New topics have been introduced. Number of books has been reduced from 40 books to 10 books. In the ITIL exam or its recent version ITIL v3 exam, candidates must have knowledge on the following topics:

  • Concept of Service management
  • Service Lifecycle of ITIL framework
  • Basic concepts, terminologies and definitions
  • Different kinds of models and principles
  • Specified processes, functions and roles
  • Design and technology
  • Skill measurement and training programs

The ITIL v3 foundation exam demonstrates the candidate understands the basic principles and ideas of ITIL best practices. In order to pass the ITIL exam successfully, candidates must make a study plan. The ITIL books are very resourceful. It is a complete package for the ITIL exams. The books include ITIL exam questions or ITIL v3 exam questions, and ITIL practice exam. For the ITIL foundation exam questions, or more specifically ITIL v3 foundation exam questions, candidates may consult both the book and the internet study resources. ITIL exam questions can be found in these books and study guides, including the ITIL foundation exam questions, or the recent ITIL v3 foundation exam questions. ITIL foundation practice exam is widely available online and is a very helpful tool for ITIL exam preparation. ITIL v3 foundation exam dumps are another very important tool for ITIL exam preparation. ITIL sample exam in books are reflection of the actual ITIL exam will be like. ITIL online exam can be of great help as it provides automatic feedback which is unavailable in books. ITIL exam dumps contain a good collection of real ITIL exam questions and answers. ITIL foundations exam forms the ground for higher level certifications.

Validity of Certification

Candidates need not worry about the validity of the ITIL certification, as it remains valid forever once successfully achieved.

Expert Review

ITIL certification takes services from ‘where we are' to ‘where we can go'. It promises excellent quality in services that companies provide.

Mason Ray

Service manager, Unicorn Ltd., New York, USA