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ITIL Certificate

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Certification Overview

In recent times, courses like ITIL are becoming increasingly popular. So far as an abbreviation of ITIL is concerned, it stands for IT Infrastructure Library. The IT community has a great demand for high quality, low priced IT services and the ITIL certification aim to provide that qualification to interested, able students so that they can measure their ability, competence as well as performance in different areas of information systems. Such practice greatly helps in promoting career development and raising industry standards.

Who can do this certification?

The certification is essential to be a part of highly skilled workforce in many industries. The exams help an individual to launch his or her IT career. Besides, adding the right skills to an individual's credentials, such certifications also enables that person to be dedicated and committed to his or her career and resume learning.


The benefits include the introduction of best practices across IT organizations. Simultaneously, it helps to reduce costs, augments the quality of IT services, and also increases the productivity of the company where ITIL concepts are implemented. It has been observed that in modern enterprises there is a great requirement for IT services that improve the performance of the companies. ITIL certification also improves communication and flow of information between professionals, businesses and clients, customers.

Associated Exam

There are four levels of qualification within the scheme:

The ITIL certification consists of a series of qualifications that enables interested students to master the different aspects of the subject in depth, detail. The qualification has a tiered structure that imparts flexibility concerning various disciplines of ITIL. The structure also allows the students to focus on vital areas of interest. The 4 qualification levels in certification course are the following:

  • Foundation Level
  • Intermediate Level
  • Expert Level
  • Master Level


The IT industry is flourishing day by day and is in need of expert itil professionals. Numerous professionals who take interest IT are enrolling themselves for this program. In fact itil is the most important segment of any IT oriented business. This department is actually of utmost importance for any industry or business to run the IT oriented services smoothly. Anyone who is interested to join for this program must have the basic knowledge about IT. An IT professional with an itil certificate is capable of going far in his career. Such certificate generally shapes up the managerial qualities of a person. Understanding the IT industry is very important in order to take the program easily.

Examination Overview

There are 4 levels in which the certification is divided. After one masters and succeeds in each level he is an expert in this field. One must successfully pass the first step in order to be eligible for the next step. The 4 levels of the certification course involve the following:-

ITIL Foundation

The foundation level trains professionals about the basics of the course. Understanding the fundamentals is a key to learn the advance concepts associated with the subject. Once the student learns all the basic knowledge he is eligible for the next step, but after successful completion of the exam.

ITIL Intermediate

The intermediate level helps the professionals to go through certain concepts that are a bit involved and that requires the candidate to have a thorough understanding of the basics. It is to be understood that the intermediate level can be reached only after successful completion of the basic level of the training.

ITIL Expert

To do the expert level training one has to acquire the ITIL intermediate level certifications. The expert level is more involved than the intermediate level and therefore requires professionals to be more studious in order to comprehend the various aspects of the subject.

ITIL Master

After successful completion of the intermediate level, professionals, especially in the IT management and having adequate experience in relevant field of work can expect to embark on the ITIL expert level of training.

Validity of certification

As compared to other business as well as technical examinations that remain valid for a certain period of time, the ITIL certification, on the contrary does not expire. This implies that an individual can become an ITIL practitioner at any time without having to retake exams or ITIL training.

Expert Review

The review suggests that such training is immensely beneficial for professionals working in big corporations. This type of training provides the necessary skills to them so that they can efficiently manage the different aspects of business in a company.

John Botha

Cape Town, S. Africa