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CISSP Preparation

Certification: ISC CISSP - Certified Information Systems Security Professional

Certification Overview

CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) is a globally accepted standard certification in the field of network securities, network engineering and Information technology. The certification demands its students to have a complete grasp of the subject matters related to the field of networks and communication security. The professionals will be successfully able to handle, control, and manage operations of security procedures in an organization. This will ensure the safety and security of the business environment. Hence, the tasks are critical and there is no room for error because a single mistake would result in devastating losses for the company. Strict supervision and quality control methods of teaching are employed in producing CISSP certified professionals.

Who needs this certification?

The certification is designed to meet the high standards that are required in managing network security within an organization. Professionals who have passion and dedication for working in adverse environments may strive for achieving this particular certification.


The CISSP certification guarantees that certified professionals can overcome challenges they face while working in fluctuating environments around the world. The rigorous course training and content will help in creating a competitive mindset of the professional. The competencies and skills which he will develop during the course of the training will improve job performance of the individual. These improved performances will eventually lead to better salaries, higher rank and better marketability to the prospective employers.

Associated Exam

The exam consists of a single paper. The completion of which will result in an awarding of the certificate.


Professionals must have minimum 5 years of work experience in an IT based firm on 2 or 3 of the domains. Individuals who have prior experience working in managing network securities and infrastructure will find it a lot easier to absorb critical course materials during the training period. The individual must have relevant experience working with the subject material of around 3 domains that will be covered during the training.

Exam Overview

There are plenty of online training centers that offer the option for appearing in CISSP practice tests. These CISSP practice exams ensure that the students have enough understanding of the question pattern and structure before appearing in the examination. Many training schools also offer CISSP practice examalso known as mock exams before appearing in the main exam. Besides exam practice, there are plenty of study materials online which helps in assimilating the core and key concepts necessary for tackling the complex situation that arise in examination. This also helps in building a mentality of handling complex situations in real- life as well.

The course content is divided into 10 domains. Each domain consists of a number of modules. They are:

  1. Access control in networking
  2. Security of Networks and Telecommunications
  3. Information Security Governance and Risk Management
  4. Software development security concepts
  5. Cryptography concepts
  6. Security Architecture and design
  7. Security Operations
  8. Business continuity planning and disaster recovery planning
  9. Legal and compliance issues related to network securities
  10. Physical security environment

The access control domain is the introduction to the concepts that will be come in the next domains.

The second domain looks into all kinds of security measures that could be taken in networks and telecommunication and also the mechanisms behind them. The third domain deals with policies on Information security governance and Risk Management.

The fourth module looks into detail about the software needed to achieve the levels of security within an organization. Cryptography involvesencrypting and decrypting the information in such a way so that it cannot be easily intercepted and used by third parties. Security architecture and operations is based on the design and architecture of various network systems within the organization.

Business continuity and disaster recovery planning carefully details out what the business could do in case of a disaster. Planning about running business operations in emergency situations are also discussed in this domain.

The domain, legal issues focuses on the key legal frameworks and barriers that are involved behind taking security measures in an organization. The physical security environmentcarefully plans out the security measures that could be undertaken for securing physical organizational infrastructures.

Validity of Certification

The certificate remains valid for 3 years. The candidates must pay fee in every year for 3 years and with complete minimum 40 credits in the related field before applying for recertification.

Expert Review

CISSP degree is a very important parameter to determine the skills and competency level of network professionals around the world. The professionals will have to exhibit a wide range of skills with effectiveness before getting certified. The result of the certification is a proper reflection of the abilities within an individual because of the stressful teaching environment and demanding course contents.