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ISC2 CISSP certifications

Certification: ISC CISSP - Certified Information Systems Security Professional

Certification Overview

Certified Information Systems Security Professional degree is a very popular and globally recognized degree. CISSP certification has created many job openings for network engineers all around the world.The professionals are expected to formulate strategies for maintaining security in reputed organizations. Network security issues have become a reason of headache for many giant companies and this has opened up opportunities for IT professionals to look upon. The exam is conducted by ISC2 and it ensures that strict and rigorous training programs are imposed on students before they can appear for the exam.

Who needs this certification?

CISSP certificationaims at creating network security leaders. Experienced IT professionals are encouraged to participate in the training programs of CISSP certification.


The certification aims at completing certain objectives. This objectives are: Identifying information systems, understanding of the concepts of Network security,Information Security Governance, Risk Management, Software Development Security, Cryptography, Security operations, Security architecture, Business continuity and disaster recovery planning, Legal regulations and Physical security environment.

In addition, the CISSP certified professionals are highly paid network professionals in the field of IT. Therefore, the certification has plenty to offer to prospective network professionals.

Associated Exam

Candidates need to sit for and pass a single paper. After passing, the candidates would have to subscribe to ISC2 code of ethics. They will endorse the following application and award the certificate.


The certification requires minimum of five years of full time professional work experience related to 2 or more of the domains. The CISSP common body of knowledge thinks that the work experience related to the domains will help in understanding the key areas of the certification which will make the candidates pass the exam quicker than planned.

Exam Overview

Plenty of CISSP study guideare available in the market. They are published by well-known publisher or experts in IT. In addition to that, internet provides the students with access to CISSP study guide PDFwhich contains information about course contents, course structure, CISSP study plan, CISSP exam guide. This makes sure that the students are updated with changes in the course curriculum before appearing for the exams. Online training programs also stress the importance of getting a CISSP study plan before sitting for the actual exam. The study plan helps the students in approaching for the exam. The guides and plans are developed by CISSP certified professionals. They also conduct classes and impart their knowledge and experience to the students. This makes sure that the students are getting a real overview of the requirements needed in the industry. Practical demonstrations are also conducted in labs which covers the technical aspects of the syllabus.

The course is divided into 10 key parts called domains. They are:

  1. Access control
  2. Telecommunications and Networks security Management
  3. Information Security Governance and Risk Management
  4. Software development security procedures
  5. Cryptography concepts
  6. Security Architecture and Design
  7. Security Operations Implementation
  8. Business continuity and disaster recovery planning
  9. Legal issues and compliance
  10. Physical security environment

The access control module is generally an introduction to the concepts that will be covered during the course of the syllabus.

Issues related to managing security of networks and telecommunications are discussed in the second domain. The third domain considers presentation of policies and standards for maintaining information security and managing risks.

The fourth domain involves the application of software in security management. Cryptography is basically the designing of codes which are attached to the business information before sending them through networks. Security architecture and operations outlines the importance of having a good sound architecture and design for establishing a secured network within an organization.

Business continuity and disaster recovery planning outlines the means of setting up alternative pathways of action if a disaster like hurricane or power outages affects the organization. The business continuity planning ensures that operations do not get affected during emergency situations. The legal issue and compliance issues look at the legal aspects of network security management. The physical security focuses on establishing security to the hardware and equipment of the organization.

Validity of Certification

The validity period of the certificate is 3 years. In order to recertify one must record 40 credits in the related field of study and pay a maintenance fee for 3 years.

Expert Review

The CISSP certification gives individuals the power, ability and human resources needed to counter the network threats in this constantly evolving business environment. This is a globally recognized family of certified network professionals and this opens up full access to the educational tools, networking opportunities and global resources.