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Certified Information Systems Security Professional CISSP

Certification: ISC CISSP - Certified Information Systems Security Professional

Certification Overview

CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) certification is a worldwide accepted network security management certification. The body which conducts the certification is ISC2. This certification has been widely acclaimed by network professionals around the world as it opens up the opportunity for working around the world as a specialist in securities and network. The certificate training programs are rigorous which ensures that the quality of professionals that are certified can meet the high standards expected in the world of network engineering. The concepts are provided in online training programs and classroom discussions.

Who needs this certification?

The certification is developed for network professionals who have prior experience in the field of IT and networking. This will assist them in absorbing the course materials and decrease of the complexity or work load of the course.


The CISSP certified professionals are making mark in the relevant field around the globe. They have an attractive salary structure and enjoy additional work benefits. They also can attract jobs from reputed companies in the IT department. Completion of this course also develops certain sets of skills and attitudes in an individual. They can quickly look for any networking security problems within an organization and propose solution almost immediately. The network professionals are trained in such a way that they will always provide something extra to the organization with a wide range of skill sets.

Associated Exam

CISSP examis a single paper certification exam. The candidates will get a certification after passing with the minimum amount of marks needed to pass.


Students who want to appear for the examination must have at least five years of relevant work experience in the related field of Networking and Securities. They must have the experience in working with matters that are related to 2 or 3 of the domains of the certification. This is because the examinations body wants that the candidates have prior knowledge about the course content.

Exam Overview

CISSP practice exam facilities are available online. Online CISSP training institutes give its students plenty of opportunity to sit for model tests before appearing in the main examination. Many institutes have boot camps for CISSP certification exams where they teach based on class room discussion model. These boot camps also arrange for CISSP practice exams. Previous CISSP exam question papers are also provided by these institutions that aid in familiarizing with the question pattern of the real exam.

The course can be divided into 10 domains each containing a number of modules. They are

  1. Access control
  2. Security of Networks and Telecommunications
  3. Information Security Governance and Risk Management
  4. Software development security
  5. Cryptography
  6. Security Architecture
  7. Security Operations
  8. Business continuity and disaster recovery planning
  9. Legal and compliance issues
  10. Physical security

The access control module basically gives an overview of the security patterns in an organization. This chapter acts as an introduction the contents that will be taught in the future.

The operational features behind the network and telecommunication security are elaborated in details in the second domain. The third domain focuses on the policies, methods and issues that lead to information security government. They also stress on managing risks that evolve within an organization.

The fourth module deals with both the system and application software required to configure, install and troubleshoot network security. Cryptography involves with the safe and secure delivery of classified company information which could be used by authorized personnel without getting cracked by crackers. Security architecture and operations looks at the design mechanisms, infrastructure of security networks and vulnerabilities of the system.

Business continuity and disaster recovery planning involves detailed outlining of steps that could be taken in case of an emergency situation. This includes looking for alternative solutions to problems that may arise in the future and communicating them to the related officials. The legal issues usually focus on the rules and regulations regarding maintaining securities and infrastructure. The physical security deals with providing security to the physical infrastructures key to an organization.

Validity of Certification

The validity period for the certificate is 3 years. However, the candidates can recertify it by obtaining minimum 40 credits in the relevant field of study with paying a fixed fee for certificate maintenance in the following 3 years.

Expert Review

CISSP degree tests the critical skills and expertise of network professionals around the world by exposing them to a variety of stress situations. This brings out the best one can deliver and the results obtained are a perfect reflection of the skills and abilities of the student.