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What is Six Sigma

Vendor: Six Sigma

Certification overview

Six sigma is committed to provide information, skills, knowledge and all the needed things to any organization and professionals to satisfying the customers and business improvement. Six sigma pdf includes all the essential methodology involved in sigma certification. It helps to train the professional in techniques, statistical tools and strategy of six sigma quality. This certification course is available at various levels, which adds significant improvement or value to the professionals.

Who need to do this certification?

The delegates can gain the key concepts in the form of six sigma pdf material. This certification is now recognized globally, it is well suited for IT professionals, quality supervisors, quality assurance professionals, IT managers, specialist, managing director, project manager, consultants, process analyst, administrators, industrial professionals, manufacturing professionals, civil/electrical/mechanical engineers and more. Six sigma pdf is very useful for future management who are studying and working professionals to grasp about the sigma techniques. The green belt certified candidate must work closely with the black, master black and specialist level participants.


Six sigma certification helps to know about various statistical tools and problem solving methodology in the DMAIC. The six sigma pdf material focus on the application skills and knowledge rather just gaining the theoretical understanding. The six sigma certification program makes the professional to face the real life projects. Six sigma for dummies pdf intended for the professional to grasp house of information on six sigma. It enhances and widens job opportunity.

With six sigma pdf, candidates can identify the faults in business process by understanding and learning the life cycle from processes to customer needs. Most of the organization will give first preference to the customer needs, the information attained through the six sigma pdf improves, reliability, on-time delivery, performance, service, competitive prices, correct and clear transaction processing and much more. The certified participants can achieve career in any part of the world with increase in salary. The lean six sigma pdf offers information and knowledge to the participants to perform the routine work in a better way without any kind of assistance from colleagues and peers.

Associated exams

With six sigma pdf, the participants can get certified quickly with the six sigma related exams. This six sigma comprises of different belt to indicate the level and proficiency of the certified candidate. Getting the six sigma green belt pdf is the first step and required to pass the green belt as a first step which operates under the black belt. In the same angle, black belt comes under the master black belt and specialist.


Delegates can access any six sigma handbook pdf to gain knowledge on a needed prerequisite. Six sigma basic level green belt does not require any needed skills, but it is recommended to have work experience. However, black belt requires green belt certification and in the same way, master black belt needs black belt six sigma certification. The prerequisite varies one vendor to other vendors.

Exam Overview

The six sigma pdf covers the below topics:

  1. Six sigma philosophy and concepts
  2. Measure and define stage
  3. Hypothesis testing
  4. Statistical inference
  5. Process capability
  6. Full factorial designs
  7. Regression & correlation
  8. Process optimization

Six sigma pdf resources are available for the delegates to learn six sigma deployment, metrics such as RTY, DPMO and DPU, champion, green belts and black belt, and selecting projects. A lean six sigma pdf covers creating project charter, creating SIPOC, collect data, data types, concept of variation, baseline performance, identifying customer requirements and needs, visualization techniques, types of errors, cause analysis, diagnostic techniques, process capability, sources of variation, mistake proof measures, sampling distribution, control plans, measurement assurance, FMEA, and more. There are six sigma for dummies pdf also available.

Validity of certification

The validity of all six sigma certification is 5 years. It is necessary to renew green, black and other six sigma certification within the date of expiration. The credit points can help certification holder to stay current or they can renew it by achieving the highest level certification.

Expert review:

A six sigma handbook pdf helped me greatly to attain knowledge about the sigma certification. When I proposed to go through the six sigma green belt pdf through my colleague, I learned so many things and informative details on the quality improvements, benefits and how the six sigma plays an important role to enhance the organizational growth. The quality six sigma pdf material makes me feel good and provides instant access to service, products and information about the business process.

Craig Calvin,

Senior project manager, Verizon, Tampa, USA.