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Lean Six Sigma Certification

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Certification overview

Lean Six sigma is a program for process improvement. It is a combination of two ideas- Lean- a collection of techniques for reducing the time required to provide products or services. And Six Sigma is a compilation of techniques needed to improve the quality of services and products that contributes to increased satisfaction of customers.

On combining the two, the Lean Six Sigma is a business strategy that has proved to be effective. It aims at helping organizations run more efficiently. According to several business analysts and experts Lean Six Sigma is perhaps the most popular business performance method in the history of corporate development.

Who need to do this certification?

This certification is becoming a must for both potential employers and clients. This is because it is practical knowledge and it will prove that you can apply this knowhow to apply these methodologies for improvement. Businesses are in need of these six sigma certified individuals. They have to remain viable by cutting costs in their operations.


Businesses need lean six sigma professionals as they have to increase their profitability, productivity, eliminate waste from their processes to survive in business. So these professionals are in great demand. Job prospects for these individuals will be wider with this certification. You can also climb to the topmost position with this lean six sigma certification. It will promote the best skills in your field. You can demonstrate your personal commitment to the current educational and professional standards. You can stand out in the crowd with this certification. Augment your marketability with this certification.

The Lean IT certification is complete with lean six sigma. This is a generic theme that can be applied to all business houses. It is a three tier belt system like that of martial arts. It is best for both the clients and the employers. Go ahead and get it if you want to prosper in the IT sector. It is a must have certification. It will add a feather to your cap. You will gain self-esteem and will be valued by all in the company. Check the websites for all resources available to pass the exams with élan. It is a challenge you need to face. It will be of immense help in your profession and also in the long run. Your job profile will be uplifted and you will enjoy viewing it.

Associated exams

The IASSC organizes the lean six sigma certification exam. You have to sit for these at different levels, one after the other. The six sigma yellow belt exam has 150 multiple choice questions for duration of 4 hours. The six sigma green belt exam has100 multiple-choice questions for 3 hours and finally the lean six sigma black belt exam has 60 multiple choice questions for 2 hours. All the exams are in English.


There are no so called prerequisites to sit for a lean sigma certification exam. The training should be completed from a qualified institution. It is recommended that the individuals sitting for the exam should have some real world work experience of Lean Six Sigma and also experience of project application.

Examination Overview

The multiple choice questions from the soul of this exam. It is important to master the technique of solving these questions within a short span of time. You can take help of the various resources available online for cracking the exams at different levels. The yellow, green and black belts are the three tiers in this system. For each one there is a separate exam. The certificate will be provided only if a candidate passes all the levels of the exam successfully.

Validity of certification

Upon passing the three exams, you will get a certificate that is worth framing. It is issued by the International Association for Six Sigma Certification or its designated Examination Institute. Successful people will get the IASSC Marks Usage Policy which they can display in their public profile like LinkedIn.

Expert review

Lean Six Sigma is a management approach to improvement in business acumen and performance. It has successfully blended both six sigma and lean. There is overlap, but lean focuses on speed and six sigma on effectiveness and error removal. When implemented as a combined approach, it is a powerful tool that can significantly improve the performance of any organization. It provides a proper and organized approach in resolving problems. This course will enable your organization to gain the qualitative benefits of Six Sigma quickly and also by applying lean at the same time.

Mitchel Jhonson

Assistant Manager, CD IT Ltd., Perth, Australia