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Six Sigma Certifications

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Certification overview

Candidates with a Six Sigma Certification are gradually becoming mandatory for all business organizations. Today's world cannot survive without six sigma. This certification is like a confirmation of the capabilities of an individual with reverence to some definite competencies. However, it does not point out that an individual is skilled in bringing unlimited improvement. It rather states that they have completed the essential requirements from the organization that granted the certificate. Both six sigma and lean six sigma certification use DMAIC techniques. This technique has become an important part of various multinational companies and it is also a crucial part of their management strategy.

The Six Sigma training gives encouragement to an individual to ban what they are doing and determine how well they have been doing. In turn, they can implement different techniques to bring about improvements and mend the defects. Six Sigma helps people to evaluate critical processes continuously.

Who needs to do this certification?

As six sigma is changing the face of many businesses and organizations so, this certification is much needed for business leaders. A company also wants their team leaders as well as project managers to be six sigma certified. To grab a higher position you can also opt for six sigma green belt certification. A senior management, employee also needs six sigma training. Any management student who wants to see himself as future manager can also opt for lean six sigma certification or six sigma black belt certification. Other expert business partner of a company who are carrying out research and improvement and are also concerned about the development of the organization must also have a six sigma certification.


There are numerous benefits of a valid six sigma certification. Practicing six sigma and getting training is sure to make you stand out of the mass. Applying the methodologies taught to you in your work can make your work life prosperous. It is bound to bring positive changes in your work life. Simply including your six sigma certification in your resume makes you the most desired candidate. This means you have the required analytical skills that will prove helpful to the business you manage. As this is not at all easy to grab and only executives and the hiring managers are six sigma certified so, this will also give you high paid job opportunities. Once you achieve a six sigma black belt level you are capable of having wonderful leadership capabilities.

Associate exams

No associate exams are there except of the Six Sigma Certification Exam.


Anyone appearing in the six sigma exam or certificate must take training form a certified training institute. No other specific qualification is required as the basic things are taught in the course itself.

Exam overview

The six sigma certification exam is no doubt a bit tough one. You can also opt for six sigma certification online. However, in both the cases cracking the exam is a must. There are 5 phases in the exam paper and qualifying in each phase is very important in order to get the final certificate. The 5 phases are control phase, improve phase, analyze phase, measure phase and define phase. The very first phase is the define phase. In each of the phases there are mainly multiple choice questions. Along with the test, completion of one or two projects is also required to grant the certificate to the candidate. The total duration of the exam is near about 2 hours and all total you need to answer 150 questions.

The six sigma certification cost is different in different training centers, but generally it starts from INR 8000/-. The classroom program of the training generally lasts for 10 days that is divided into 2 sessions of 5 days. One can also opt for an online course as well as an exam. Getting certified by an online course is also equally valid like a classroom program and certificate.

Validity of certification

Both the six sigma certification and the six sigma black belt certification are valid for 5 years. The candidate can opt for retaking the examination or can get his certificate renewed by enrolling in the e-course. By renewing the certificate, the candidate will be able to retain his position in the organization he was working with. However, it should be kept in mind that the certificate should be renewed before it gets expired.

Expert review

The six sigma certification is very important for those who want to stand out of the mass in the corporate world.

Sharlin Claus, Harare, Zimbabwe