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Six sigma Certification

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Certification Overview

Six sigma black belt training coverts student from beginner into experts, by flourishing them with hard core skills of problem solving so that they will guide their team strongly towards success. With this skill they are able to acquire their strategic objectives for the department or organisation. This course contains a wide range of difficulties which helps you to know your industry better in which you want to work; industries may include healthcare, service, transactional or manufacturing. And this black belt training gives you both qualitative and quantitative skills for your profile. Lean six sigma black belt training is an efficient methodology application which is concentrated on accomplishing critical business results and high consumer satisfaction. One more thing that is good about this course is it will also provide the facility of black belt training online, that mean you don't need to worry about time and transportation constraint now.

Who can do this certification?

Basically, it's a management course, so persons related to management like quality assurance engineer, project managers, senior management, project leaders, software quality assurance, team leaders, practitioners and of course software professionals. There are several others who can join like management students who aim to become future manager, one who wants to get certified with black belt six sigma training, management team of any institution who aim and apply black belt training and any other qualified members who are performing research, modernization or advisory in process improvement practices.


Lean black belt training lets you know how to deal with the analytical business process. Lean and six sigma black belt training wipes out waste and defect. You will learn to plan and implementing and process control for project gains. Improving efficiencies by designing, stimulating and executing designed experiments. Eliminate main deviations after identifying it. Learn to execute six sigma systems. By using statistical analysis, characterize and optimize the processes. Black belt six sigma training set up and outline process competence.

Associated Exam

The six sigma black belt and lean six sigma black belt training are a five step process in which following stages are needed to be passed out. The series of skills that includes of the six sigma black belt training is really helpful to for candidates to attain the several concepts of the subject in broad level. The structure that we discuss above is elastic and flexible in learning the numerous subjects related to the project.


Participants should also prefer lean six sigma black belt training in place of black belt training.

Examination Overview

As we tell you before that this black belt training is a five step process and process are as follows: -

Acquire project: - this project is acquired by participants only after they pass out the qualification exam. Students choose projects that are suitable for them, and then they need to know the broader scope and improvement that's needs to be done.

Initial review: - in this institute tell the student about the project so that they should understand the project very well. Mentors will guide you related to the approach taken and review your project. This also includes the knowledge of the validity of the six sigma methodology in the project. And they also tell about the requirement of the team strength and the project resources.

Project Assessment: - after completing your project, your mentors assess the project, after the presentation given by the group members, about the objectives and the real gains that are reported by the group members. The applicability of the six sigma tools and methods in the project is really important.

Tools Evaluation: - this is also an important aspect of the project, use and importance of tools. Mentors will ask you about the use of tools, and asked you to explain the need in the condition posed. This should be done in the form of viva.

Final Certification: - after completing your projects and viva, pass candidate will be awarded by six sigma black belt certificate. And certificate also sent through the mail across over all the students.

In this way students who want to be six sigma professionals complete their journey. Option of master black belt training or six sigma master black belt training is also available.

Validity of certification

The Certificate has life time validity, but a small restriction is also applied to it, that is this certificate only given to those candidates who will complete at least 50% of the course.

Expert Review

Experts also prefer this course because it has its own professional importance, in skill development as an advance level problem solver.

Brad Hadge, Viena, Austria