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Lean Six Sigma

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Certification overview

Six Sigma Certification is very important if you want to see your business at its peak. Numerous organizations are there who offers six sigma certificate courses in order to make individuals an able team leader. So, if you want to boost up your business processes you must enroll in any reputed organization and get your six sigma certification. Such trainings and six sigma courses will help you to achieve an international six sigma black belt status. A professional who is certified with six sigma certification or six sigma black belt certification are capable of explaining the principles of six sigma and its philosophies that include various supporting systems and tools.

Along with a six sigma course, one can also opt for six sigma black belt training course or lean six sigma courses. The course is all about teaching you excellent business strategy. Such strategies are implemented by numerous businesses to ensure quality improvement and process improvement. The training course is available both online and offline. The certification provided by both is equally valid.

Who needs to do this certification?

A six sigma certification helps those individuals who want to see them as team leaders of a business organization this certificate helps them to stand out of the other and grab the golden opportunity. It is becoming very important for every organization and is also becoming almost mandatory. Any candidate who wants to achieve the black belt level should also opt for the initial six sigma certification, be it online or offline. The engineers of an organization who are bound to give quality assurance must also have such certification. Candidates who are also dreaming to see them as directors of an organization in the future should also opt for six sigma certification. Enrolling in a six sigma course in any reputed institute will make the process easier and will also heighten the chance of getting qualified at the very first go.


Any six sigma training courses or lean six sigma courses will benefit you in lots of ways. They will introduce you to the concept of six sigma in an easier way. All such courses focus extensively on six sigma methodologies and tools. They are mainly used to remove the faults by numerous variations of any business process. After completing any such six sigma certification course the candidate will be able to crack the exam at the first go and along with that will also be able to describe the principles of six sigma. He can also easily describe the define phase with ease. As far as career benefits are considered, the annual average salary of a certified green belt is near about $89,000 per year in the US.

Associate exam

The candidates do not need to pass any associate exam apart from the six sigma exam in order to get the certificate. The sig sigma exam is conducted by the IASSC, the same organization who conducts the lean six sigma black belt exam.


No added qualifications or per-requirements are there in order to get the six sigma certificate. It is only suggested to enroll in a six sigma course in any reputed institute in order to understand the concepts clearly.

Exam overview

There is no specific exam termed as six sigma certification exam. Any candidate who is enrolling for six sigma training course can opt for six sigma black belt exam, six sigma green belt exam, six sigma yellow belt exam and so on. There is a huge network of PearsonVeu exam centers in which such exams are conducted under the guidance of IASSC.

The six sigma black belt exam is a 4 hour exam where the candidates need to answer 150 questions which are all MCQ type. There are near about 5 sections from where these questions are made. From each group a total of 30 questions should be answered by the examinee.

The six sigma green belt exam is different and it requires 3 hours and all total 100 questions need to be answered. The major sections remain same and a candidate needs to answer at least 20 questions from each group. The yellow belt exam is of the smallest duration and it is only about 1.5 hour. Here a candidate needs to answer 60 MCQ type questions.

Validity of certification:

The certificate remains valid for 5 years, after which it should renew. This is to ensure the position of the candidate as before. After 5 years the candidate can opt for re-examination or enroll in any e-course. The certificate must be altered before it gets expired.

Expert review

A candidate after successfully passing the six sigma exam is eligible for a Master degree in the same.

Brendon Hope, Sydney, Australia