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Six Sigma Lean

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Certification Overview

Six Sigma certifications are opening up new dimensions for professionals in this constantly fluctuating corporate world. The certification is commonly referred to as lean Six Sigma certification because the lean principles are included in the training and course content. Lean Six Sigma certifications encourage more depth thinking and research from business professionals all over the globe. The lean Six Sigma certifications come in a range of different modules or levels. They are: lean Six Sigma green belt certification, lean Six Sigma yellow belt certification, lean Six Sigma black belt certification and lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt certification.

Who needs to do this certification?

This certification is for those who are always on the lookout for a dynamic and challenging work environment. This certificate shows that the individual is well equipped with the principles of Six Sigma and have undertaken specific Six Sigma training.


Business professionals who want to earn an attractive salary must complete the certification. The skills that are developed during the Six Sigma training can boost chances of an individual to earn a better place in competitive corporate hierarchy.

Associated Exam

The lean Six Sigma certificationexam is a single multiple choice questions based paper. The difficulty level for each belt differs.


There are no specific set of criteria required to be fulfilled before appearing in the exam. Normally, business professionals and graduates after completing their bachelor's program take part in the exam.

Exam Overview

Many institutions offer Six Sigma training programs online. The training programs are highly recommended for potential candidates. The Six Sigma online training ensures that the candidates can take a self-approach before the examination. This also comes with a feature of studying multiple belts at the same time. This eventually results in saving of valuable time and energy. Therefore, for professionals who are engaged in doing a job and want to get them certified,Six Sigma training online is perfect for them.

Another advantage of this online Six Sigma training program is the self-evaluation. If candidates study and directly appear for the exam they may face certain problems related to tackling the questions. However, the online training programs provide adequate opportunity for the candidates to give mock exams, discuss difficult topics and keep updated about their performance on a daily basis. Many reputed training providers offer the candidates training programs individually. For instance, Lean Six Sigma green belt training, lean Six Sigma black belt training etc. This makes sure that the course contents do not overlap and the candidates are getting the specific subject knowledge. Lastly, the training sessions are conducted by professionals holding a Six Sigma master black belt certification so there will be no compromise with quality.

The course content consists of the following steps: Define Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. The steps are further divided into tasks and each task serves certain objectives.

The brief overview of the contents includes:

  • Introduction to Lean Six Sigma Belt
  • Define phase- Defining the given problem
  • Measure phase- Measuring the project processes
  • Analyze phase- Identifying of causes of the problem and its immediate long and short term remedies
  • Improve phase- Implementing and verifying the deduced solution
  • Control phase- Sustaining the processes which act as remedies

The introduction phase consists of the 8 wastes of production, Roles of Six Sigma in management, project selection and special importance on DMAIC.

The define phase involves defining, understanding and developing project goals and implementation plans.

The measure phase looks in developing tools and techniques for measuring raw data. The data collected from the measurement phase is used in the next phase.

The analyze phase requires candidates to analyze conduct processes and data. The evaluation and decision making skills are developed in this phase.

The improve phase is totally a judgmental phase which usually helps in determining the solution approach which would best fit the constraints of the organization. This step also ensures that the systems are made more efficient and effective to reduce wastes.

The control phase ensures the study of maintenance of the particular solution gatheredfrom the previous phase. Other objectives include creation of monitoring plans, development of response plans and continuous improvisation plan.

Validity of Certification

The certificate is valid to be shown in the CV and the score obtained could be posted in the professional social networks like LinkedIn under permission from the awarding body. There is no specific limitation regarding the validity.

Expert Review

According to Margaret Townsend, Six Sigma was a well-established brand in General electric before we knew and that value that was generated from the power of the brand was greater than any other inventory that the company had.

Margaret Townsend

Six Sigma Manager, Microsoft