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Six Sigma certifications, more accent on existing training methods

Vendor: Six Sigma

Certification Overview

Lean Six Sigma Training is among the toptraining programmes whose certification holder is considered to be efficient and fast in fulfilling its tasks. Overproduction in the industrial process, talent that is not properly used within the staff members, defects, waiting, transportation issues, motion, etc. are points in which industries and businesses lose money and time. In business terms, these are marked as waste. Lean Six Sigma Training Courses teach trainees how to fight against all kinds of waste in the production process.

Lean Six Sigma Training and certification process is very similar to that of the standard Six Sigma Certification. It follows the same techniques and methods of training. Worlwide known, those are the famous belts. Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training has aim to train professionals to understand the DMC phases and successfully lead small to medium sized projects without waste. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training teaches how to successfuly be a leader and implement projects with understanding DMAIC phases, Six Sigma and Lean tools and principles. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training trains professionals to be capable of fulfilling full-time leading of projects with requirements of all DMAIC phases, thorough and complete fulfillment and application of all Lean standards and guidelines, as well as Six Sigma philosophy.

There are many features Lean Six Sigma training pages and centers offer, such as Lean Six Sigma Training online, which is very convenient for the employed or those short in time who can arrange their own obligations and make schedule that fits them due to this feature. Lean Six Sigma Online Training has been proven as very successful and popular, especially in the Lean Six Sigma Training UK units. Additionally, the good news is that there are several free lean six sigma training programmes available, online.

Who needs to do this certification?

The Six Sigma certifications should be taken by all professionals dealing with production process, business, leading projects and managing business processes who seek recognition in business world and work market, as well as those looking for improvement of personal and professional efficiency and no-waste production skills and knowledge. additionally, all individuals interested in Lean philosophy and Six Sigma skills and knowledge and those aiming to enter business should take the Lean Six Sigma Training and certification.


Benefits of taking this certification are improving personal business skills, leading projects with utmost sucessful outcome, no-waste in production process, recognition on business market and increased income possibility as well as increased employment chances for the unemployed, internationally.

Associated Exams

With each belt certificate, there is that belt exam required to be taken. Apart from this, there are no special associated exams. Each belt exam can be taken individually, regardless of other belts and their exams.


There is no required procedure for someone who wishes to take the Six Sigma belt exam. A lower level belt is not a prerequisite for obtaining a higher level belt. For example someone applying for a Lean Six Sigma black belt training does not have to have prevously passed Lean Six Sigma yellow belt training. The only prerequisite is to take lessons and successfully pass the exam.

Exam overview

The questions on all belts exams are partially true / false based and partially multiple – choice organized questions. Each belt exam differs one from another.

The yellow belt exam has 60 questions and requires 230 out of 300 points for passing the exam. All topics are covered by the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt BOK (Book of Knowledge) which is crucial part of the Lean Six Sigma yellow belt training. The green belt exam has 100 questions and requires minimum 385 out of 500 points for passing the exam. All topics are covered in the the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt BOK, also as main material for preparing for the exam and basis for the Lean Six Sigma green belt training. The black belt exam has 150 questions, which is 750 points. A minimum of 580 is required to pass the exam. Lean Six Sigma black belt training andexam are covered with the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt BOK, which is globally recognized and valid.

Validity of certification

Six Sigma certification is valid for five years after obtaining it. After this period, trainee either completes one of the online courses or retakes the exam he / she already passed.

Expert review

Lean Six Sigma Training literally changed the way I look at business and production process. I take my job more seriously now and efficiency is my characteristic number one after I took the Lean Six Sigma green belt training. My employer values me more and my salary increased as well.

Robert Crighton

Montrill, Canada