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Getting Six Sigma Certification

Vendor: Six Sigma

Certification Overview

The difference between being a certified and uncertified worker does not always have to be the mark of profficiency or quality of worker's skills and knowledge. However, employers today do not want to miss the chance of getting the best candidate. Additionally, time is money has never been more applicable to business than today and most of the employers do not want to lose time employing someone who will en up showing his / her incompetence in the field. Therefore, they wish to play safe. Having a certificate in your CV, of any kind, is better than having none. This means you have passed a certain training / seminar / education in the field and took a relevant exam that guarantees your knowledge, skills and profficiency. However, not all certifications have the same value and appreciation among the employers. One of the highly ranked certifications is Lean Six Sigma Certification or more commonly, LSS, which trains people to eliminate waste from production process.

The belts of Lean Six Sigma Certification remind of the Karate belts organization. Depending on your profficiency level, you get Lean Six Sigma white belt certification, Lean Six Sigma yellow belt certification, Lean Six Sigma green belt certification, the Lean Six Sigma black belt certification or the master black belt certification on the top level profficiency. Lean six sigma certification requirements are different for each level in terms of knowledge and exams. However, belts exams do not require other exams to be passed prior to taking Six Sigma belt exam. Different levels have different training and exam skills to be fulfilled though.

Who should take this certification?

Lean Six Sigma Certification is the most eligible and requested among the professionals involved with waste – sensitive industries and businesses. Professionals dealing with any kind of waste, such as overproduction, waiting, transportation etc. in their business should take the Lean Six Sigma Certification.


Holding a Lean Six Sigma Certification will significantly improve one's performance on their workplace. Waste of any kind, especially the eight target groups identified by Six Sigma, are true threats to development of any business. Therefore, being a profiessional who knows how to deal with these threats will make one desireable employee and affect the income and future career as well. Additionally, the Lean Six Sigma Certification is internationally recognized so obtaining it may open the door towards global business cooperation.

Associated Exam

The exam associated with getting the Lean Six Sigma Certification depends on the belt one is applying for. For example, if one wants to get the Six Sigma yellow belt certification, he / she takes the Six Sigma yellow belt exam. The exams vary in time duration, type of questions, topics and question difficulty.


There are no prerequisites for taking Six Sigma exams. If one is applying for the black belt exam, he / she does not previously have to pass the green belt exam. The level of knowledge automatically allows you passing the exams of different difficulties.

Examination Overview

The Six Sigma examinations are all multiple-choice question based and offer the candidate who failed one more attempt. If failed two times in a row, candidate must wait for a certain period of time to take the exam again. In order to pass the exam, candidate must correctly answer at least 75% of the exam questions. The system of exam is unified for all belts and consisted of categories:

  • Definitions
  • Measurements
  • Analysis
  • Improvements

The topics for different belts vary. For example, some of the Lean Six Sigma black belt certification exam topics are related to LOB view and Enterprise view, defining and explaining the Kano model, Business metrics related questions, measurements such as GAGE RR variables and stability, analysis of charts and diagrams, such as Fishbone and Pareto, as well as control charts and data mapping techniques. A huge part of the exam is related to the actual waste elimination techniques and methods which are the core topic of the programme.

Validity of certification

The Six Sigma certifications have the validity period five years. In order to prolongue to validity, the candidate retakes the exam or completes one of the offered online courses. For example, to renew the Green belt certificate one has to complete one of the Lean Six Sigma certification online green belt courses.

Expert Review

Taking a Six Sigma yellow belt certification helped me a lot. Actually, I found a job only a week after updating my CV with this certification! This changed my life.

Amanda Bright

Misigun, USA