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Avaya Exam Questions

Avaya Sales & Design Credentials

ACIS (Avaya Certified Implementation Specialist)

  • ACIS-6202 - ACIS - Avaya Aura Contact Center
  • ACIS-7120 - ACIS - Avaya Aura Core Components
  • ACIS-7392 - ACIS - Avaya Aura Call Center Elite
  • ACIS-7594 - ACIS - Avaya Solutions Platform
  • ACIS-7720 - ACIS-7720 - Avaya IP Office Platform

ACSS (Avaya Certified Support Specialist)

  • ACSS-3000 - ACSS - IP Office Platform
  • ACSS-7220 - ACSS - Avaya Aura Core Components
  • ACSS-7240 - ACSS - Avaya Equinox Solution with Avaya Aura Collaboration Applications
  • ACSS-7492 - ACSS - Avaya Aura Call Center Elite
  • ACSS-7694 - ACSS - Avaya Solutions Platform
  • Unified Communications
    • ACSS-3105 - ACSS - Avaya Communications Server 1000 for Avaya Aura
    • ACSS-3107 - ACSS - Avaya Session Border Controller Enterprise

Avaya Exams

  • 3312 - Avaya Aura Contact Center Administration
  • 46150T - Avaya Solutions for Midsized Customers Online Test (APSS)
  • 6210 - Avaya Aura Contact Center Implementation Exam
  • 6211 - Avaya Aura Contact Center Multimedia Implementation Exam
  • 71200X - Avaya Aura Core Components Integration
  • 71201X - Avaya Aura Core Components Implement Certified Exam
  • 72200X - Avaya Aura Core Components Support Exam
  • 72201X - Avaya Aura Core Components Support Certified Exam
  • 72301X - Avaya Aura Communication Applications Support Certified
  • 7392X - Avaya Aura Call Center Elite Implementation Exam
  • 7492X - Avaya Aura Call Center Elite Support
  • 75940X - Avaya Converged Platform Integration
  • 76940X - Avaya Converged Platform Support
  • 77200X - Avaya IP Office Platform Basic Integration and Configuration
  • 78200X - Avaya IP Office Platform Configuration and Maintenance Exam

Avaya is a multinational technology company with the headquarters located in North Carolina. The organization focuses on Cloud communications and workstream collaboration solutions. Its OneCloud experience platform comes with contact center (CCaaS), unified communications (UCaaS), CPaaS, and services. To check the competence of the professionals in selling, designing, implementing, and maintaining Avaya solutions and products, the company has its own certification program.

Certification Program

The Avaya portfolio is divided into 3 groups: Sales and Design, Implementation and Support, and Administrator and Developer. Below are the highlights of these groups:

1. Sales and Design

This group contains 4 certificates that focus on the areas of selling and designing Avaya solutions and products. Here are these certifications as follows:

  • ASRA

    The Avaya Sales Readiness Associate certificate evaluates the specialists’ comprehension of the selling strategy behind the Avaya Solution and the value it brings to support a client’s business need.

  • APSS

    Avaya Professional Sales Specialist is a certification that checks the applicants’ basic-to-intermediate level of knowledge of selling the Avaya Solution.

  • ADRA

    The Avaya Design Readiness Associate certificate measures the individuals’ comprehension of the design considerations necessary for the Avaya Solution.

  • ACDS

    Avaya Certified Design Specialist is a certification that evaluates the skills of the professionals in creating specific greenfield, upgrade and migration solution designs based on the customers’ business needs.

2. Implementation and Support

This group includes 3 certifications that give attention to the areas of implementation and support for Avaya solutions and products. These certificates are:

  • ASTA

    Avaya Services Technical Associate is a certification that takes a look at the expertise of the candidates in implementing and supporting the Avaya Solution.

  • ACIS

    The Avaya Certified Implementation Specialist certificate checks the competence of the individuals in installing and configuring a specified Avaya Solution. All in all, it covers configuring the Microsoft Windows Server 2012 operating system for one’s Avaya Aura Contact Center installation as well as installing Avaya Aura Contact Center application software, launching Avaya Aura Contact Center Ignition Wizard, and performing Contact Center Manager Administration commissioning tasks, among others.

  • ACSS

    Avaya Certified Support Specialist is a certification that concentrates on gathering and interpreting system data, identifying issues, and making changes to ensure maximum availability and performance of a customer’s network. In addition, it includes troubleshooting, maintenance, and administration capabilities to accurately and efficiently resolve one’s communication issues.

3. Administrator and Developer

This group is created for such roles as an Administrator and a Developer/Programmer. It comes with 2 certifications:

  • ASAC

    Avaya Solutions Administrator Certificate measures the skills of the specialists in administering the Avaya Solution. It covers managing trap forwarding to the third-party trap servers and creating and signing the certifications for secure TLS communications, as well as monitoring and managing meetings and calls and creating, deleting, and modifying User Profiles, User Groups, and Users, among others.

  • ASDC

    Avaya Solutions Developer Certificate evaluates the competence of the applicants in developing applications for the Avaya Solution. It includes using wild call variables, global variables, intrinsics, and dummy skill sets to provide special treatments for contacts in the event of unforeseen contact center closures as well as the functions and benefits of utilizing the IVR feature in a SIP environment.

Career Prospects

The Avaya certifications can be of interest to the professionals in a variety of roles as they focus on different areas. They include Avaya Cloud Office, Avaya OneCloud CCaaS Public Multichannel Administration, Avaya Aura Unified Communications platform, and day-to-day use and handling of the Avaya Cloud Office solution. Besides that, they cover Orchestration Designer, Avaya Equinox Solution, Avaya Aura Media Server, Avaya Call Management System, Avaya Aura Contact Center, and creating Avaya Breeze Workflows utilizing Engagement Designer, among others.