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ITIL V3 Foundation certification

Certification: ITIL ITIL V3 Foundation - ITIL 2011 Foundation

Certification Overview

ITIL v3 foundation level certification centers its aim on providing quality education to candidates regarding the field of service management. Those people who wish to master in the field of IT service management must do the ITIL v3 certification to take the first step on this path. This certification will provide a very basic level knowledge to the candidates regarding the processes and links between different stages in a service management process. However, in order to manage professional projects, the candidates might need to do the ITIL v3 intermediate level certification.

Who can do this certification?

This certification is meant for all those candidates who require a basic understanding of IT service management framework and wish to learn its implementation as well. In fact, it is also intended for those people working in an organization who wish to enhance the service management processes in their organization. This means that these people can get all that they need in the form of this amazing certification which will endow them with some unique skills.


ITIL v3 certified individuals can improve their worth in an organization in the form of this certification. It cannot be neglected that service management has now become a quite integral part of organizations and hence many candidates are required to have the basic knowledge regarding these IT service management processes. In this regard, those who do the ITIL v3 foundations certification have got a lot of opportunities ahead of them. In fact, those certified with this certification tend to get higher jobs that those who are not certified.

Associated exam

There is just one exam which accompanies this certification, the ITIL v3 foundation exam. This is a very basic level exam which will mostly comprise of multiple choice questions. ITIL v3 exam will require the candidate to possess the knowledge of all the processes and knowledge imparted to them during the certification. Candidates can make use of ITIL v3 official training to prepare for the exam.


This certification is of a very basic level, and hence does not require any prerequisite skills by the candidate. However, it would be most helpful for those people who work in IT service management departments and wish to augment their skills. You just need to clear the exam which is associated with this certification and you are good to go.

Examination Overview

The ITIL v3 foundations exam comprises of a number of basic topics which were imparted to the candidate during the course of this certification. It is expected that the candidate is fluent in these topics and is ready to answer detailed questions regarding them. Let us have a look at the topics included in the ITIL v3 exam.

  • Service management general practices
  • ITIL service life cycle
  • Basic definitions
  • Service design
  • Service strategy
  • Continual service management

These 6 topics form the backbone of this certification. However, it is extremely important to realize that these topics comprise of a lot of subtopics as well, which you must study in detail. However, you must prepare for the exam in a comprehensive manner. In this regard, you should make use of ITIL V3 foundation study material, ITIL v3 books and the ITIL v3 foundation study guide which is available on the website. Since this certification only requires learning the basic concepts, you should pay attention to the ITIL v3 foundation handbook as well in this regard.

One of the best ways to prepare for the exam is to make use of ITIL v3 foundation exam questions. These sample ITIL v3 exam questions will help you check how your preparation is and also get a deep insight into the way in which the exam will be made. Apart from this, you can make use of ITIL v3 foundation dumps. There are loads of ITIL v3 dumps available on the internet which provide you extensive resources regarding the exam.

You also have the option to get official ITIL v3 foundation training. This training will let you get a deep insight into the ITIL v3 processes and exam syllabus. There are loads of ITIL v3 foundation pdf files available online which also comprise of detailed content regarding this certification. In fact, you will also find an ITIL v3 pdf file on the official website, which will provide you will all the valuable information which you need.

Validity of the Certification

This certification will remain valid for a considerable period of time. However, you will need to get it recertified after it has expired.

Expert Review

ITIL v3 certification is an amazing initiative to provide highly admired professionals in the field of IT service management. The ITIL foundation level certification is, in fact, the first step on this route.

John Keller,

California, USA.