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ITIL V3 Foundation Certification Dumps

Certification: ITIL ITIL V3 Foundation - ITIL 2011 Foundation

Certification Overview

If you are in need for a certification to start your career in the field of IT service management, then the ITIL v3 certification is the best choice for you. The ITIL v3 foundation certification is a beginner level certification meant for everyone who is interested in this subject. This certification generally revolves around the basic processes of IT service management. In fact, this ITIL v3 foundations certification is the basic prerequisite for all the further intermediate and advanced level certifications in this field.

Who can do this certification?

This certification can be done by any person who is interested in this subject. However, it is specially designed for those people whose organization has made it compulsory for them to get education regarding IT service management. The process of service management in IT has gained a lot of popularity and is continuing to do so. In this regard, the popularity of this certification has gained immensely. According to the ITIL v3 certification path, you must do this certification before being able to do the ITIL v3 intermediate certification.


As mentioned above, this foundation certification allows you to satisfy the needs of your organization and to help you augment your skills. This certification will provide you with certain unique and highly admirable skills which will accompany you in your professional life. In fact, this certification also tends to increase your world and give a boost to your salary. So if you want to reach the top in the field of service management in IT, this certification will be your first step.

Associated Exam

There is merely one exam associated with this certification, which you need to clear. In fact, this ITIL v3 foundation certification exam must be cleared with at least 65% marks in order to obtain this certification. You should consider making use of books and practice exams in order to prepare for it and clear it.


Like many other foundation level certification, this one also does not require a set of prerequisite skills. However, it does require the candidate to have a good amount of interest in this topic, since the certification will be quite helpful to you if you are interested in its content. The candidate should, however, make use of the available training methods for the preparation of the ITIL foundation v3 certification exam.

Examination Overview

The ITIL v3 certification exam is a detailed exam which focuses on various aspects, processes and techniques used in IT service management. In this regard, let us have a deep insight into the examination main topics.

  • Awareness of architecture and technology
  • Details of processes
  • Details of functions
  • Key models and principles
  • ITIL lifecycle
  • Service management practices

These above listed topics are only an outline of the ITIL exam. These topics comprise of a considerable amount of detail which the candidate will be required to know. In fact, almost all of these topics carry roughly the same weightages, which means you should pay attention to all of them. The topic pertaining to the ITIL lifecycle is the most important since it will define a set of processes and the link between them. In fact, this topic will further be related to other ones; so you might expect to have more questions from this topic.

You should make use of ITIL certification dumps in order to get all the required resources for free. These resources would include real exam questions, books and study guides as well. However, you should also have a look at all the official resources which are available at the formal website of ITIL. Moreover, most part of your preparation should be spend on solving actual exam questions. This is very important to give you an idea of the type of questions which you will have in the exam. In addition to this, you must also read the books in detail so you do not miss out any topic.

Validity of the Certification

This certification will remain valid for a substantial period of time.

Expert Review

ITIL foundation level certification is surely one of the most admired certifications in the field of service management in IT. You will not only increase your worth through the certification, you will also learn a unique set of skills and some valuable knowledge. I would recommend this certification to everyone, since every single person should be aware of the knowledge imparted during this certification.

Stella Wilde,

Manager, Rohot International, Toronto, Canada.