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Six Sigma Black Belt Lean

Certification: Six Sigma Lean Six Sigma Black Belt - Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Certification overview

The IASSC certified six sigma black belt can be described as the last tier in the three tier lean six sigma certified process. Those of who are black belts are those individuals who are experts in Six Sigma tactic. They are leaders of improvement projects. This particular person has knowhow of all the aspects within the purview of D-M-I-A-C. They know how to implement the six sigma tools and also the usage of the standard principles of lean.

Who need to do this certification?

Those of who want to make a mark in the IT world should go for this certification. Job prospects are more when you are equipped with this six sigma black belt. You are revered by your fellow co workers; your employers value your understanding of the subject and dedication. Businesses both small and big look to employ lean six sigma black belts. They are in fact the assets of a company, be it big or small.


Your knowhow helps the company. Professionals with black belt certification can improve projects with their knowledge and expertise. They have complete knowledge of all facets of all the stages of DMAIC. These people can implement the six sigma processes and also they can use the typical ideology of Lean. Employers benefit from their skills and the individuals armed with this knowhow can serve the organizations better. They mutually benefit from six sigma lean knowledge.

Both the company and you will mutually benefit from the lean six sigma methodology. You will climb the ladder to the top quickly and be an asset to the organization. Try hard to pass the exams. Put your best feet forward. You will surely make it. Work hard and success will be yours. It is a certification worth having especially in the IT world. It will make you complete. You will be held in high regard in your professional life.

Associated exams

The IASSC conducted and certified exam for black beltis a four hour long exam. It comprises of 50 multiple choice questions. It is based on ILSSBOK for the professionals. It is held in 8000 exam centers spread over 165 countries all over the world. If you are keen to achieve an expert title of IASSC, certified professional in black belt by the international association for six sigma certification, the candidates have to core 580 points over a total 750 points.


No formal prerequisites or qualifications are needed to appear for the lean Sigma Black Belt examination. However, preparation is a must for all exams. You have to undergo training from a capable institution, or from a Lean six sigma coach or a corporate program. It is not necessary but a real life Lean Six Sigma job experience and plan developing experience will prove handy.

Examination Overview

There are three tiers to the lean six sigma training schedule. You have to qualify all the exams and finally reach the lean six sigma black belt exam. You have to prepare well in hand for this exam. There are numerous tutorials available online for the same. Several guide books are there to coach you on how to crack this exam. Your sincerity and dedication will see you through.

Validity of the certification:

After passing the exam, you will get a certificate that is worth displaying to others. This is produced by the IASSC or its designated Examination Institute. Individuals will also be adorned with IASSC marks and the IASSC Marks Usage Policy. This can be pasted on public profiles like Linked In.

Expert review:

Lean experts are those who have the technical skills of the many lean approaches, tools and techniques. They play the role of being an internal resource that can identify lean opportunities, lead the implementation of several projects, and develop others with their expertise in lean concepts and tools.

Time and quality are the two vital measures needed to improve the production of any company and also enhance its profits. The Lean Six sigma trains the individual to combine both the two into a single integrated program.

Lean six sigma generally brings about improvement in business strategies. They can determine which projects will have the fastest impact on financial priorities. Those time traps that invite delays and come in the way of quick manufacturing processes can be eliminated. You will be able to remove the sources of unnecessary costs. This will improve the shareholder value as well.

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