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Getting Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

Certification: Six Sigma Lean Six Sigma Black Belt - Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Certification overview

Any professional who is certified with a six sigma black belt certification is capable of explaining six sigma principles and philosophies including tools and supporting systems. A professional with a black belt must understand the dynamics of the team should be capable of demonstrating team leadership and assign the members of the team with responsibilities and different roles.

These black belt professionals have the ability to understand all the aspects of the DMAIC model together with the principles of six sigma. They have the primary knowledge about lean project notions and have the ability to spot out non-value-added aspects. They are also capable of using definite tools for the purpose. In order to become a six sigma black belt professional you need to grab the certificate and also understand the six sigma black belt certification requirements.

Who need to do this certification?

The six sigma black belt certification is designed for the following candidates:

  • Team leaders, Quality Assurance Engineers, Project managers, Practitioners, Senior Management, Software professionals and Software Quality Assurance team members
  • Management groups from associations who are determined to execute and achieve six-sigma
  • The candidates that want to attain certification in the black belt six-sigma training
  • Future directors including management learners
  • Any other specialist associates, who are carrying out investigation, development or consulting in practice of advance performance
    • Benefits

      There are numerous benefits of the six sigma black belt certification for both and individual as well as any organization as a whole. Any individual with a black belt certification are capable of improving the result of any organization in implying various methods like lean concepts and advanced statistical analysis methods. They also enjoy the liability of influencing the everyday decision of the business. Such professionals are coaches, mentors, project managers, team leaders and trainers of a business or organization.

      As the certification is acknowledged worldwide so, an individual can easily get his dream job. This in turn improves the career options for a candidate. A six sigma black belt is competent enough and is capable of statistical analysis, communication, stakeholder relation, problem solving. Leadership, project management etc. they are also capable of balancing statistical significance involving practical purpose.

      Associate exams

      In order to get certified a candidate needs to sit for an exam. This exam is conducted by the IASSC and is termed as Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Exam.


      There are no pre-requirements needed in order to sit for the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Exam. However, a candidate wishing to be a certified Black Belt needs to crack this exam with minimum marks of 580 points out of 750.

      Exam Overview

      The exam is no doubt a tough one and to successfully crack it one needs to take some training. One can also get six sigma black belt certification online. It is recommended to get the six sigma training from a highly acclaimed institute, though this is not mandatory. It is also suggested that the candidates applying for this certification to have some previous work experience on six sigma. It will also be helpful if he has six sigma project handling experiences as well. However, this is also not mandatory.

      This is an exam for 4 hours and the candidate needs to answer a total of 150 questions. All the questions and the exam are based on the IASSC ‘Universally Accepted Lean Six Sigma Body of Knowledge for Black Belts. The 4 hour exam consists of near about 30 MCQ and true/false questions. There are some major sections and each of the questions is made from these major sections. It is held in near about 8,000 Exam Centers that are located in 165 countries around the world.

      Validity of certification

      The validity of the Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate is for 5 years. After 5 years the candidate can choose to either retake the examination or can also opt for the E-Course for Certified Six Sigma Black Belt. This is an innovative way to refurbish the certificate. Renewal of the certificate will allow the candidate to retain his previous professional position and records undamaged. The certificate must be mended on or prior to the expiry date in order to give it a current status once more.

      Expert review

      Experts are of the opinion that on successful passing of the Six Sigma Black Belt Certification exam each candidate will earn 60 credits to pursue a Master Degree (MBA) in Six Sigma. This course is conducted by the Charisma University. In other words this certificate will open wide avenues for anyone who is looking forward to a high paid job.

      Anjan Mitra

      West Bengal, India