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Course name Finance Courses The Complete BitCoin Course: The Complete BitCoin Course

The Complete BitCoin Course Video Course

The Complete BitCoin Course Video Course is developed by Finance Courses Professionals to help you pass the The Complete BitCoin Course exam.

You Will Learn:

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This course will improve your knowledge and skills required to pass The Complete BitCoin Course exam.

Curriculum For This Course

  • 1. Before We Get Technical I Want To Give You A Practical Introduction 7 Videos 00:33:42
    • Here Is Your Introduction To This Complete Bitcoin Course 07:28
    • Let Me Give You A General Overview Of How Bitcoin Works Before Delving Deeper 05:27
    • These Characteristics Are What Makes Bitcoin So Unique As A Currency 05:34
    • Bitcoin Can Be Divided Into Smaller Pieces, Here Are A Few Examples 01:49
    • Satoshi Nakamoto Is Allegedly The Creator Of Bitcoin, So Let's Discuss Him More 05:35
    • Let Me Highlight The Range Of Bitcoin Wallets You Can Create And Own Here 04:44
    • ASSIGNMENT 1 - Before Moving Any Further You Must Create Your Own Bitcoin Wallet 03:06
  • 2. It’s Now Up To You To Decide What Role You Want To Play In The Bitcoin Ecosystem 8 Videos 00:23:35
    • So As Of Today, What Bitcoin Related Opportunities Currently Present Themselves 03:09
    • The First And Most Simplest Way To Be Involved With Bitcoin Is As A User 01:39
    • The Second Way To Be Involved With Bitcoin Is As An Educator Of The Currency 02:24
    • Marketing Bitcoin Online And Offline Is The Third Way To Get Involved With It 03:35
    • Ever Heard Of A Faucet? Well That's The Fourth Way You Can Get Involved Today 04:20
    • The Fifth Way To Get Involved With Bitcoin Is By Mining, Which Is Very Important 03:24
    • You Can Also Become A Bitcoin Investor, And Profit From The Volatility 03:19
    • ASSIGNMENT 2 - Now My Question Is, What Role Will You Be Playing With Bitcoin? 01:46
  • 3. Bitcoin Is A Technical Tour De Force So Let’s Discuss Its Technical Elements 7 Videos 00:14:58
    • Bitcoin Is Cited As Being Open Source Software, Let Me Explain What That Means 03:12
    • If You've Ever Wondered What Cryptography Is Let Me Break It Down For You 02:09
    • Let Me Explain What Makes Bitcoin A Decentralized Network Over A Centralized One 03:02
    • I Want To Introduce You To A New Term While You're Here And It's Smart Contracts 02:38
    • I'm Sure You've Heard That Bitcoin Is Anonymous, But Just How Anonymous Is It 01:27
    • Let's Now Experience The Blockchain Together And Go Over Why It's So Crucial 01:32
    • If You're Interested In Reading The Bitcoin Whitepaper It Can Be Accessed Here 00:59
  • 4. Now It’s Time To Get Your Hands On Some Bitcoins Of Your Very Own 3 Videos 00:07:31
    • When You Want To Spend Bitcoins Online, This Is How The Transaction Works 03:41
    • You Can Buy Bitcoins At Any Of These Recommended Places Online Very Easily 02:20
    • ASSIGNMENT 3 - Start Using This Bitcoin Faucet To Get Your First Bitcoin Pieces 01:30
  • 5. The Big Puzzle To Many Is Solved Here, How Is Bitcoin Different To Fiat Currency 4 Videos 00:09:15
    • Is Bitcoin Actually Used In Daily Transactions, Or Just For Investment Purposes 02:18
    • Bitcoin Is Often Referred To As Digital Gold, But Just How Similar Is It To Gold 03:19
    • Why Is There A Shift To People Seeing Bitcoin As Safer Than Fiat Currencies 01:34
    • Here Is Where The Trust Is Placed With Traditional Currencies, And With Bitcoin 02:05
  • 6. Making Your Own Money Can Be Fun So Let’s Go Over How To Mine Your Own Bitcoins 6 Videos 00:18:44
    • Let's Ease Ourselves Into Bitcoin Mining With This Introduction To It 01:40
    • These Are The Different Types Of Bitcoin Mining Hardware You Need To Be Aware Of 03:22
    • The Bitcoin Block Halving In 2016 Impacted Miners, Lets Discuss The Impact 01:34
    • Here's A Big Mining Debate, Should You Mine Bitcoins Solo Or In A Mining Pool? 02:57
    • What About Joining A Cloud Mining Provider To Start Mining Bitcoins? 02:49
    • ASSIGNMENT 4 - Let Me Show You How To Mine Bitcoins From Your Very Own Computer 06:22
  • 7. If You’re Ready To Go On A Spending Spree Let Me Show You Where To Spend Bitcoin 4 Videos 00:05:26
    • Let Me Explain Why Stores Accept Bitcoin, Because It's Not For Financial Gain 01:20
    • If You Buy Off Amazon, How Would You Like To Save Money By Spending Bitcoins 01:44
    • If You're A Keen eBay User, You Can Use Bitcoin Alternatives And Grab A Bargain 01:17
    • Here's A Way To Find Hundreds, And Thousands Of Other Sites That Accept Bitcoin 01:06
  • 8. You Can Potentially Profit From Selling Your Bitcoin So Let Me Guide You Through 5 Videos 00:09:50
    • This Is The Process You Will Go Through When You Sell Your Bitcoins Online 01:05
    • You Can Profit From Selling Your Bitcoins But It All Depends On When You Sell 01:59
    • If You Choose To Sell Your Bitcoin In Person Then This Is How To Do Just That 02:18
    • I Want To Show How To Sell Your Bitcoins On Exchanges Which Is A Popular Method 02:36
    • You Can Also Sell Your Bitcoins Through Peer To Peer Trading Which Is Popular 01:52
  • 9. Discussions With Bitcoiners #1 - Francis Pouliot The Bitcoin Foundation Canada 3 Videos 00:55:44
    • [Part 1] Francis Pouliot Of The Bitcoin Foundation Canada 19:39
    • [Part 2] Francis Pouliot Of The Bitcoin Foundation Canada 19:30
    • [Part 3] Francis Pouliot Of The Bitcoin Foundation Canada 16:35
  • 10. Discussions With Bitcoiners #2 - Marc Warne Of Bittylicious 2 Videos 00:33:21
    • [Part 1] Marc Warne Of Bittylicious 14:44
    • [Part 2] Marc Warne Of Bittylicious 18:37
  • 11. Discussions With Bitcoiners #3 - Henrik Hjelte Of Chroma Way 2 Videos 00:31:41
    • [Part 1] Henrik Hjelte Of Chroma Way 16:29
    • [Part 2] Henrik Hjelte Of Chroma Way 15:12
  • 12. Discussions With Bitcoiners #4 - Eric Spano Of Bylls 2 Videos 00:36:31
    • [Part 1] Eric Spano Of Bylls 19:10
    • [Part 2] Eric Spano Of Bylls 17:21
  • 13. Discussions With Bitcoiners #5 - Diego Zaldivar Of The Bitcoin Argentina NGO 3 Videos 00:49:13
    • [Part 1] Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar Of The Bitcoin Argentina NGO 16:58
    • [Part 2] Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar Of The Bitcoin Argentina NGO 15:44
    • [Part 3] Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar Of The Bitcoin Argentina NGO 16:31
  • 14. Additional Lectures You May Find Valuable From Before The Course Update 13 Videos 00:37:56
    • This Is An Overview Of The Blockchain Which Is Crucial To Bitcoin 01:01
    • Lets Go In Depth Into How The Blockchain Operates With Bitcoin 01:52
    • Want To Bring Your Bitcoins Into The Real World, Now You Can 02:05
    • Bring Your Bitcoins Into The Real World By Following These Instructions 02:17
    • When You Buy With Bitcoin, This Is How The Transaction Works 04:14
    • Enough With Buying Bitcoins, Lets See Where You Can Spend Them 07:07
    • These Are The Online Businesses That Are Embracing Bitcoin 02:18
    • If You Are Going Travelling, Then Bitcoin Will Be Your Best Buddy 01:13
    • Buying A Birthday Present? How About Giving Them A Bitcoin Gift Card 00:45
    • This Is What You Need To Follow To Accept Bitcoin As A Payment Option 06:50
    • What's Your Hash Rate? Let's Go Over It So You Have An Understanding 02:29
    • How To Accurately Calculate The Profitability Of Bitcoin Cloud Mining 01:34
    • Lets Compare Bitcoin And Litecoin And See Where The Differences Are 04:11