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Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Certification: Six Sigma Lean Six Sigma Green Belt - Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Certification Overview

Green belt training is with reason among the most popular business trainings today. Many projects are correctly chosen by companies, but the implementation process or the delivery process fail, due to different factors. In one of the processes of defining, measuring, analyzing, improving or controlling, which are best known as DMAIC, the individual or the team fails to make the right move and the whole project suffers consequences. This is why companies more and more ask from their employees to take lean six sigma green belt training. Having completed the green belt six sigma training means that the employee will be profficient in solving problems, reducing waste of any kind from the production process and be successful in making project maps and mistake proofing. Identifying possible risks, managing dynamics of team and project implementation, implementing the Six Sigma philosophy, being profficient in all kinds of project – related charts, schedules and diagrams and their design, experimentations and improvements of the project implementation and delivery process in general are all the tasks of a successful trainee of the lean green belt training.

Who needs to do this certification?

This certification is designed for those who wish to pursue theoretical knowledge and useful information on DMAIC, practical experience via case studies and projects simulations and get a recognized certificate which will help them become distinguished members of work market and successful employees of renowned companies, worldwide. It is excellent for project managers, those employed on quality assurance positions, managers or professionals in any field who are involved in project process.


Benefits from taking the lean green belt training are numerous. Certificate holders will get CEU and PDU credits, certificate that is globally accepted and valued, plus an irreplaceable and valuable knowledge by renowned instructors with experience of numerous case studies that will help them successfully lead projects in their companies.

Associated Exams

The only exam associated with obtaining the Green belt certificate – proof that you have successfully finished the Green belt training, is the Six Sigma Green Belt exam.


There are no official prerequisites or documents you must show in order to attend the training or take an exam. However, you should know that this programme is designed for professionals who have some experience in the field of assisting or leading projects. Applicants should also know at least the basics of Six Sigma philosophy and methodology. Knowledge on statics will be very helpful for the trainees. Some providers require three years of experience on Sigma – bsed project improvement processes.

Examination Overview

Six sigma green belt training material can easily be accessed by your provider. Additionally, there are lots of materials you can find and start reviewing even before you apply for the training, such as BOK (Body of Knowledge) for the Green Belt, tutorials, pdf materials, videos, etc. additionally, as you approach your certificate exam, you can practice by using some sample tests available online.

The exam is based on multiple – choice questions that cover differnet topics, such as:

  • Six Sigma philosophy,
  • Process Improvement techniques,
  • Diagrams, Charts, Statistics,
  • Stability in processes,
  • Evaluating process capability,
  • Statistical analysis...

And they are closely related to the 5 phases: DMAIC, which stands for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control and their implementation to projects in different industries. Through the training, trainee gets to know numerous case studies of various industries that will help him / her develop skills required for successful leading and assisting on projects.

Differnet belts in Sigma examinations have differnet durations. The green belt exam lasts four hours and is consisted of 100 questions. Currently, it is available only in English language. In order to pass the exam, examinee should have at least 385 points out of 500 maximum points.

Validity of Certification

Some providers do not require renewing your license once you obtain it. However, others do require completing an online course once in five years in order to keep your certification updated.

Expert Review

Six Sigma Green Belt Training helped me understand why projects fail. I was employed in logistics industry for more than 10 years and experienced numerous problems with differnet projects and on different positions I was hired on. After completing the lean green belt training, I am aware of the things my company and I have been missing all these years and the reasons of difficulties we have been encountering working on projects. I am now planning to take the Six Sigma black belt training, since I have had positive experience with lean green belt training.

Emily Reckinsale

Manchester, UK