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Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Certification: Six Sigma Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt - Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Certification overview

Six sigma is a training program. This program is enabling businesses to reach the top of the ladder. Six sigma certification helps companies to work with the management teams they comprise; and bonds them together. If you are looking for a job, then the six sigma certification will assist you to reach the management level jobs of the company that you are employed. This is simply because this training program will equip you with the knowledge to handle problems that may arise when you are managing a business.

Six sigma yellow belts is the lowest level of these training programs. As you proceed further, you are adorned with green and black belts like martial arts. This is the basic level.

Who need to do this certification?

The world of six sigma has diversified and grown globally. You will see various belt holders working in national and international businesses. This certification has opened up new avenues for employment. Businesses whether they are large or small are in need of certified staff. Starting off with the six sigma yellow belt certification is a good platform to start off. This is also the springboard to obtain higher belts and become accomplished in your profession.


The benefits accrued with this certification are that you can maximize efficiency at work with the knowledge that you will gain from the training at different levels. With your expertise, you can command the respect of your peers and you co workers. The credentials will help you realize your dream. The program will give you an understanding of how the businesses are to be handled which otherwise you will be ignorant of. All the techniques of improvement will also be mastered by you in due course.

Associated exams

SSC certified lean sigma yellow belt (ICYB) exam is a one and half hour exam with 50 questions. It is based on IASSC Universally Accepted Lean Sigma Body of Knowledge (ILSSBOK) for yellow belts. This yellow Belt six sigma exam comprises of multiple choice questions from each major section LSSBOK for Yellow Belts and is administered in IASCC testing centers located in 165 countries all over the world.


If you want to get the professional designation of IASSC certified Yellow Belt from the International Association of Six Sigma Certification, you should appear for the IASSC certifies Lean Sigma Yellow Belt exam and obtain a passing score. This is calculated on the points earned in the exam. The individual is permitted three sittings per twelve month to pass the exam. Individuals need to be a member of IASSC with your profile. All communications regarding certification will be sent to this member profile which is private.

Examination overview

It is highly recommended that you should take coaching from a reputed institution if you are aspiring to sit for the six sigma yellow belt exam. There are online websites that offer such tutorials. If you can have some amount of real world lean six sigma work experience and also experience in project application, then it will help you crack the exam. IASSC has given a set of helpful resources that will help you in your preparation. Several guides are available that have the prospective questions likely to be asked in such exams. Go through them.

Validity of the certification

After passing the exams conducted by the IASSC, you will get a physical copy of a certification certificate issued by IASSC. You will also get a badge that will be displayed on the member profile you have made. The validity of certification is for two years since its issuance.

Expert review

This six sigma yellow belt training is necessary if you need to establish a foothold in your profession. This training is the first step in the world of six sigma. With this certification, you can gain insight into the methodology of six sigma. You will understand customer requirements better. You can measure and analyze performance in a mature way. You will know the DMAIC improvement model. The principles regarding the process improvement and how to evaluate possible solutions to problems. The establishment of continual process control will also be at your fingertips.

It is the ideal thing to get the training program completely done by you. This is the first step. Embark on it and get started for higher levels to follow. Learning is an enriching experience and it will give you a stronghold in your company. Undoubtedly you will benefit from this training program.