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Different CCNA Certifications

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Certification overview

The CCNA certifications validate the candidates' ability to correctly implement various networking devices. In addition the CCNA certifications are important because they best suit all the stakeholders of the IT organizations including the employer, the employee and the customers. The reason is that when all these subjects have a basic understanding of the networking systems, then chances of continued growth and productivity increases. The CCNA security certification is a core certification and in order to attain the certification it is recommended that the candidates have basic knowledge of routers and switches. The CCNA Syllabus is also important and the candidates are required to fully understand all the contents in order to sit for the exam. The CCNA syllabus is quite wide and the candidates are therefore required to understand the syllabus. Some of the topics covered in the CCNA syllabus include:

  • Addressing different internet protocols
  • Designing of the Local Architecture Networks.
  • Configuration of the OSI devices
  • Installation and the implementation of the Virtual networking systems including VLAN and the WLAN.
  • Management of the network securities
  • Connectivity strategies required for advanced technologies like the VPNs
  • Development and implementation of counter measures that are used in the networking infrastructures.

The main purpose of the CCNA syllabus is therefore to ensure that certain objectives are well implemented both during training and in the job market. Some of the objectives that are to be adhered to include:

  • How to deploy and maintain networking components in an IP VNG environment
  • How to ensure there is secure connectivity of different networking systems and their relevant routing and switching techniques.
  • How to develop a network that is comprehensive and implementation of the correct policies.
  • How to protect the networking infrastructure and the defensive mechanisms that are to be implemented before an error occurs.

The CCNA syllabus is therefore regarded as the backbone towards attaining the CCNA certifications. There are lots of benefits Accreditated to the individuals who promptly follow the CCNA syllabus. They individuals get the opportunity of obtaining the best job opportunities in most of the IT organizations. The individuals also get the opportunity of associating with the best IT professionals in the field. With the correct means of protecting the Network Infrastructure, the professionals get the opportunity of diverting any defaults before they occur in the networking systems. Moreover the candidates who specialize in the CCNA wireless certification are required to understand the wide CCNA syllabus in order to accurately install, configure and operate the wireless systems. In addition the candidates are required to apply the relevant procedures in the most appropriate manner in order to ensure the systems are proficient.

The candidates who have an interest of the CCNA service provider certification are required to have a valid CCIE certification in the required field; they are also required to have the CCNA routing and switching certification. It is important to have these requirements in order to understand the complex requirements of the CCNA wireless syllabus.

Generally there are no requirements for the candidates who intend to sit for the CCNA certification exams. It is therefore recommended to have the necessary experience in the field.

Required exams

In order to attain the CCNA certification it is important to sit for the appropriate CCNA exams. The exams can only be tackled once the CCNA syllabus is fully completed. The CCNA certification exams not only validate the candidates' capabilities but they ensure that the candidates acquire the skills required in the practical field. In addition the CCNA exams are considered as the leverage towards success.

Required courses

It is important to note that there are no courses that are a must. The candidates have the option of taming the ICND1 and the ICND2 courses in order to have an in depth understanding of the networking systems. The courses are readily available online and the candidates can also opt for relevant training camps that are usually offered to them. The advantage of these courses is that the individuals obtain top notch skills when the actual CCNA commences.

Study materials

In order to fully cover the CCNA syllabus it is important to have the best study materials. The study materials can be obtained from online resources and this is one of the cheapest methods. The candidates can also obtain the CCNA syllabus from hard copies which is an attainable technique.