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Certification: AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty

Certification Full Name: AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty

Certification Provider: Amazon

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AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty Certification Info

AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty is one of the specialty-level certificates offered by the Amazon certification program. It is developed to validate your knowledge of the design and support processes needed for network architecture for the breadth of AWS services. This option shows that you have the relevant skills in using available tools for the automation of the AWS networking tasks as well as implementing the core AWS services according to the common architectural best practices.

The certification path is intended for the AWS networking specialists who want to prove their advanced technical skills and level of expertise. To be able to design and implement AWS or hybrid network architectures, a potential candidate needs to have 5-7 years of experience working as a Solutions Architect with a networking focus. It is also recommended that he or she knows how to design, implement, and troubleshoot when required.

Exam Details

Those individuals who are interested in this specialty-level certification should take the Amazon ANS-C00 test. This is a qualification exam of the path that contains 65 questions and lasts for 170 minutes. To clear the test, you will need to deal with the items in the multiple-response and multiple-choice formats and earn 750 points out of 1000. A high score can be gained by learning the following topics:

  • Designing hybrid network architectures & implementing them at scale – The potential candidates need to have an understanding of the process required for the extension of connectivity, usage of Direct Connect, routing policies for hybrid IT architectures, and hybrid architecture connectivity solutions. It is also important to know how to apply the procedural concepts required for the implementation of connectivity;
  • Managing, troubleshooting, & optimizing the network – As for this domain, it is all about troubleshooting and resolving the network issues;
  • Designing & implementing AWS networks – This subject area covers the details of the network requirements for a specialized workload as well as application of the AWS networking concepts. The individuals should know how to optimize the cost allocations given a network design and application data flow as well as know about network architectures on AWS;
  • Configuring network integration with application services – If talking about this section, it evaluates the students’ knowledge of DNS solutions in hybrid IT architecture. Also, it contains the details of the proper load balancing strategies available within the AWS ecosystem and the content distribution strategies needed for the optimization for performance;
  • Designing & implementing for compliance and security – This part measures one’s skills in utilizing encryption technologies for the security of network communications. It is also important to know about the monitoring strategies in support of the security and compliance objectives and AWS security features necessary for managing network traffic;
  • Automating AWS tasks – To succeed in this objective, you need to have the skills in evaluating the tool-based alternatives for the network operations and network management. Besides that, it is vital to know how to evaluate the automation alternatives within AWS for the network deployments.

Further Career Path

The specialty-level certificates of the Amazon certification program can be difficult to obtain, which is why it is recommended that you have a certain level of expertise. After getting AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty, you will be able to ask for a better salary for your role or even get a better offer in your or other company. Besides earning the certificate, the successful candidates also maintain its status to ensure the validity and relevancy of their skills. Amazon offers recertification every 3 years for all of its certifications. Therefore, you will need to know when it is time for you to renew your option.