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9 Alternatives to PayPal 9 Alternatives to PayPal for Web Designers and Developers

As a web designer or developer, you are often dealing with customers from around the World, and you need an easy way to let them pay you for your hard work. While PayPal is probably the most commonly used payment method, there are quite a few other alternatives, which are just as convenient, reliable, and reasonably priced.

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610x200 Bursting with Creativity? Check Out this Awesome Sunburst Photoshop Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to create a very cool sunburst or rising sun effect on Photoshop.

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iphonewebapps 25 Must Have iPhone Apps for Web Designers and Developers

There are quite a few iPhone applications that can greatly improve your productivity. Today we have tried our best to compile a comprehensive list. Using these apps will help you with your mobile designs and will allow you to get some work done when you are away from your office or home.

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responsivewebdesign Responsive Web Design

If you are web designer or developer, you are well aware of the challenges of the modern design – not only you need to meet your client’s needs and expectations, but you need to make sure that your designs are compatible with most of the popular screen resolutions and devices. Your work should look good on computers and laptops with different screen resolutions, and you should make sure that is perfectly suitable for mobile devices as well. So far, most of the designers have responded to the increasing popularity of mobile and tablet surfing by creating a separate version of their website’s design – one, which people could access and navigate on the go, from any mobile or smartphone, without having to scroll left or right indefinitely.

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twitterinfographic Awesome Twitter Facts & Stats [Infographic]

There is no doubt about people love social networking. What do you think people would have said 30 years ago if you told them millions of people would enthusiastically communicate 140 characters at a time? They would probably tell you that you’re crazy and tell you to scram. Perhaps they would be correct, but you have to admin, Twitter and other social networks sure are entertaining.

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webdevtrends Hot Trends in Web Development

What makes the work of the web developer challenging and exciting at the same time are the ever-changing trends! With the exponentially increasing popularity of the mobile Internet surfing and the very strong user base of the social media sites, the latest design and development trends seem to be heading towards functional, less busy, and with larger logos and image backgrounds web sites, which incorporate the latest Web development technologies as well

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code 15 websites where you can find code snippets

If you have been developing and designing websites for quite some time, you are definitely reusing CSS, HTML, PHP, or JavaScript code repeatedly, just like most computer programmers do. Luckily for all of use, there are quite a few websites, which we can use to find some great pieces of code, post our own, or even build collection of code snippets, nicely and neatly organized and stored on a remote server. Here are 15 websites, where you can find code snippets.

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The Darwinian Evolution of Windows [Infographic]

Given the fact that our first infographic – The Darwinian Evolution of Photoshop – was so successful we worked for two weeks for a shiny new piece. This time we’re talking about the most popular OS in the history of mankind (still!). Microsoft Windows that is! Click here to get the full screen eye candy. Enjoy and if you like it please share the link with your friends!

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