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How to Write a Killer Resume How to Write a Killer Resume and Get an Awesome Job!

Resumes and I have a love/hate relations, I love to hate them. Well, I used to anyway. In my younger days I didn’t put much effort into crafting a resume that would actually get me a job. It felt like homework to me and that was something I just didn’t want to do.

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100 CSS The Ultimate Collection of 100 Free CSS/HTML Templates

We have covered several tutorials for designing and coding your own website. I didn’t want to leave those out who have no desire to do such things so I thought I would provide a roundup of the nicest CSS/HTML templates I could find. These awesome website themes do not require any designing or coding, simply enter your own website content and just like that you have a great website. If nothing else, use one to put your bosses kid to shame (he deserves it for that site he built with the 10 minute Flash intro and under construction graphics). So on to the amazing and free templates.

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Linux Terms Introduction to Linux: Basic Terms and Helpful Hints

Linux is a wide ranging installation that can be difficult for some individuals to understand. When you take a look at all of the different tips, tricks and how to’s that must be learned in Linux, it can be daunting. That is why it is much easier to break apart Linux into smalle

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wptop10 Top 10 Must Read WordPress Sites

Today I am going to list my Top 10 favorite WordPress sites. These sites are great for WordPress tutorials, tips, tricks, news and anything else to do with everyones favorite CMS/blogging software. It is safe to say that if you need to know something about WordPress one of these sites is going to have the info you are looking for.

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wordpressinstall The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Installing WordPress

It goes without saying WordPress is extremely popular and thanks to applications like Fantastico the installation is practically effortless. Back in my day when we weren’t walking to school up hill both ways in a snow storm without shoes we were manually installing WordPress. While these one-click apps you find in your hosing control panels are nice I think it is a good idea to learn how to install it manually first. Once you are comfortable with the manual installation you can choose to use one of these auto install programs if you wish. So lets get to it!

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wordpresslockdown WordPress Security: How to Protect Your Site

To finish up WordPress week I thought I would go over how to secure your WordPress site to prevent those with malicious intent from hacking you. People put a lot of time building their site and don’t bother with any type of security. This is the equivalent of building a house and not putting doors on it. While some of you may enjoy this lifestyle those of you who don’t will definitely benefit from this guide.

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wpthemesforeveryone WordPress Themes for Everyone!

WordPress has come a long way from being just a tool for bloggers to a full-fledged CMS capable of doing almost anything. Note that I say “almost,” because there are still a few things that it can’t handle out-of-the-box or even via plugins.

Having said that, it is a perfect platform for most people; and if your website is based purely on content or even has a simple store where all you need to do is sell some products or digital items, you shouldn’t even be looking any further than WordPress.

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fontularity Fontularity: Most Popular Fonts by Operating System [Infographic]

Designers love fonts and a good thing for them is there are 1000′s to choose from. But what are the most popular fonts? In today’s Infographic we take a look a the most popular fonts by operating system. This will be a great resource for deciding on fall-back fonts in your CSS. Enjoy.

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