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linux-ultimate The Ultimate Guide to Linux – Top 10 Distributions

Over the last six to seven years Linux has become more and more popular. With several distributions putting their focus on ease of use and user friendliness, more and more people are giving Linux a chance. Gone are the days where Linux is associated with uber nerds sporting long gray beards, suspenders, and the fashionable propeller beanie.

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troubleshooting 5 Questions to Ask to Diagnose any Computer Problem

In this article, we list five questions that you should ask when trying to troubleshoot a computer issue – as with everything else, seeking an expert advice is definitely the best course of action, but at times, the problem can be solved in a matter of seconds just by applying some common sense and performing a few simple operations. As a word of caution, unless you are properly trained and qualified computer technician, we would advise you not to open your computer case at all. My brother did this and didn’t know what was what and now calls his computer "Shocky".

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The Most Popular Design Blogs by Twitter Followers and Facebook Fans

Today we release a new infographic, this time based on our own research. There are a ton of roundups & lists with popular design & development blogs. So we made a different classification of these blogs – by social media popularity. We ranked them by the total number of Twiter followers & Facebook fans

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Domain Names 14 Outstanding Sites to Help You Find a Great Domain Name

Good domain names are getting harder to come by thanks to speculators and squatters who think they are going to strike it rich. While this is frustrating don’t let it discourage you. With a bit of creativity and some luck you should be able to find a nice domain name using using the sites I list in this article.

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photoshopresources Awesome Photoshop Resources to Add to Your Favorites

If you are anything like me you are never bored. Why? Because I alway have Photoshop to play around with as well as a seemingly endless supply of Photoshop tools and resources. While Photoshopping my ex-wife’s head on a dog’s butt isn’t the greatest use of my time it is fun and oddly therapeutic. Any way, lets get on to the awesome resources I highly recommend you bookmark.

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pslightray Apply an Awesome Light Ray Effect in Photoshop

This tutorial will show you how to make light rays to create a mystical effect on a photo. The light ray effect is perfect for pictures or shots of scenes with lots of clouds or landscape.

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freepsds Ultimate Collection of Free PSD Sites

Today I thought I would bring together two of my favorite things, Photoshop and free stuff. I am amazed at the quality of PSDs you can find on these sites. It also amazes me that these files are free. So if you are in a hurry and needs some design elements or are just lazy and don’t feel like creating your own, I am positive you can find something to use at one of these sites.

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2011webdesigntrends Web Design Trends in 2011

he web design segment of the Internet has been evolving the past few years, especially in 2010. Some clear trends have surfaced, which are likely to continue in 2011 as well. Long gone are the websites that we were accustomed to in the 90s, with dozens of flashing banners, heavy animations, and background audio.

What are the possible web design trends for 2011?

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