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40 Fresh Photoshop Tutorials for Graphic Design Ninjas

While your neighbors son is more than happy to create graphics for you, Photoshop is so much more than lens flare and gradients. If you have any desire to create graphics for the Web then you definitely need to learn to use Adobe Photoshop. Because of this we have gathered 40 of the best tutorials we could find.

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awesomefonts 30 Outstanding Fonts to Spice Up Your Designs

A couple of weeks ago we posted our favorite sites to find fonts. Today I thought we would list 30 of our favorite fonts. Choosing only 30 was a difficult task but I managed to do it. Check them out.

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links-vol-1 Must Read Links for Web Designers and Developers – Volume 1

I know how much the readers here enjoy great links to web design and development resources. With that in mind I have created a list of valuable web sites that I know you will like. Hopefully you will find something in this list that you will be able to use.

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webanalytics The 13 Best Analytics Tools to Keep Track of Your Visitors

In order to be able to accurately measure your website’s performance and analyze the success of your different marketing campaigns, you need a website analytics tool. For the vast majority of websites, especially the ones that receive a handful of daily visitors, or have been launched recently, basic and free tools are typically sufficient. However, if you run a website that needs deep analysis and you want extended functionality, then there are a number of paid options out there as well. In this article we list the top 13 website analytics tools.

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collab Five Must-Have Collaboration Tools for Freelancers and Small Businesses

Gone are the days when you needed your own server for collaborative work between colleagues. Today, it’s possible to create an entire business on subscription plans and free collaboration tools that help you do everything you need with minimal effort and maximum reliability. This has already led to the creation of virtual offices all over the world – the open source ecosystem being one of the biggest and most successful examples of this. That shows that it’s finally possible to do away with expensive rental plans for offices and thousands of dollars for setting up and maintaining even a small-sized infrastructure.

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banner The Power of Photoshop’s Refine Edge Tool

One of the most difficult and frustrating tasks in Photoshop is making a clean and decent selection on photos that involve super fine hair, fur, leaves, and any fiber like elements. When using the standard selection tool or the masking process, you may able to accurately select smooth edges. We may use the color range tool and the tweaking of levels and channels to select much difficult areas but that would also take too much time on manipulation and very complicated to follow.

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Freelancing Tools Freelance Your Way to the Top with these Tools

It’s no secret that small businesses make up a major part of any developed country’s economy — including that of the US despite the fact that it has some of the biggest big-business giants in the world. And the good news for all these great guys is that with the advancement of IT (Information Technology), it’s getting ever more easy to manage their businesses.

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wpcheatsheet The Ultimate WordPress Cheatsheet [Infographic]

With the popularity of the Ultimate HTML5 Cheatsheet we thought we would create one for WordPress. If you create or edit themes at all you definitely want to check this out. Without further delay, we present to you the Ultimate WordPress Cheatsheet. Enjoy!

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