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Visit a Galaxy Far, Far Away In This New Photoshop Tutorial

Take a trip through the cosmos. Using a few nifty tricks in Photoshop, you can get as close as possible to a spiral galaxy without having to travel several light years.

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Time to Sweat a Little in this Water Droplet Photoshop Tutorial

This tutorial will teach you how to add water droplets on your photo. While this can be used on other images like soda cans, bottles, leaves and whatnot, in today’s tutorial, we will be using this image of a woman’s face.

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The Power of Photoshop’s Refine Edge Tool

One of the most difficult and frustrating tasks in Photoshop is making a clean and decent selection on photos that involve super fine hair, fur, leaves, and any fiber like elements. When using the standard selection tool or the masking process, you may able to accurately select smooth edges. We may use the color range tool and the tweaking of levels and channels to select much difficult areas but that would also take too much time on manipulation and very complicated to follow.

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Typography Art – Break Dance

This tutorial will guide you on creating a typographical piece of art again. But this will be on a whole new level. The project is very inspired on break-dancing moves thus; you will need to download a silhouette of break dance moves. Also you will need a wood texture which is easy to find in free stock images sites.

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Show Off Your Photoshop Magic by Creating this Flaming Playing Card


This Photoshop tutorial will show you how to create a realistic playing or poker card using premade vector shapes and the rounded rectangle tool in …

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Creating the Comic Book Visual Style Effect

610 200 (1)

This tutorial will guide you how to make an ordinary photo into a comic styled image. Comics usually have their distinctive halftone effect and heavy …

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Painting Comes to Life Part 2 – Create a Magical Penguin Land in Photoshop

610x200 banner

We may have already a similar effect and tutorial for this on the same site, but I would like to share a much magical and …

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Be Constructive and Not Destructive in this Photo Editing Photoshop Tutorial

For a long time already, we have been enhancing and altering photographs using the settings found on Image > Adjustments. This method is what we consider as the destructive method of editing photographs and images. we may have also discovered a way that could prevent accidental manipulation or changes done upon a certain photo by making a backup copy of it located on another directory, or we made a duplicate layer of that photo and hidden on the same Photoshop document (*.psd file).

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