Top Photoshop Tutorials on YouTube You Need to Watch

by Andy Crofford on December 8th, 2010 2 comments
YouTube Photoshop Tutorials

We know how much are readers love great Photoshop tutorials. In this list we thought we would switch it up a bit and list some awesome Photoshop tutorials on video. While I prefer text and images when doing tutorials I know there are many people out there that would rather watch a video tutorial. Ladies and gentleman, without further delay I present to you the best Photoshop tutorials on YouTube.

1. Photo Manipulation

2. Photoshop 101: The Workspace

3. Understanding Blending Modes in Photoshop

4. Changing Hair and Eye Color

5. Adding Fog and Mist Effects

6. How To Create Multi-Colored Glowing Lines

7. Create an iTunes Style Illustration

8. White Teeth in Photoshop

9. How to Fix Blurry Photos

10. Cartoon Vector Effect

I have viewed all of these tutorials at one time or another and have learned a great deal from them. There are thousands more Photoshop tutorials available on YouTube so please feel free to share your favorites.