10 Best Sites to Learn Ruby on Rails

by on August 18th, 2011 0 comments

Ruby on Rails or RoR for short is a development framework for the Ruby programming language, which was released in 2004 and it is currently used by thousands of Web programmers. However, mastering Rails is ideal for the novice coders too since it allows them to reuse code, increase their productivity, and develop prototypes rapidly. If you want to start learning Ruby on Rails and find out how this revolutionary framework can help you build powerful applications faster, then check out the following sites:

Rails for Zombies

Rails for zombies is the ideal site for programmers, who are already experienced in Ruby, but want to learn Ruby on Rails. The site offers videos and allows you to join their online courses as well.

Poignant Guide to Ruby

Poignant Guide to Ruby is a book, which you can read online page after page, and learn Ruby in interesting and fun way.

Ruby on Rails Tutorial

Ruby on Rails Tutorial lets you to learn Ruby by example and contains 13 lessons at the time of this writing. You can purchase the printed edition or the screen casts and go over the chapters at your own pace.

The Ruby on Rails API documents

The Ruby on Rails API documents have the full list of classes and methods and this is a site, which you definitely need to add to your bookmarks if you are using Ruby on Rails on a regular basis.


Peepcode offers various paid plans, which allow you to purchase a single screencast or subscribe for all existing and new screencasts for a year. Apart from Ruby and Ruby on Rails, the site offers screencasts on Javascript, Databases, Producitvity, GIT, UNIX, E-Commerce, and more.

Ruby Learning

Ruby Learning is a website, which has detailed Ruby tutorials, downloads, videos, and blog and it is an excellent starting point for everyone, interested in mastering the Ruby programming language.

Rolling with Ruby on Rails

Rolling with Ruby on Rails has a two-part extensive tutorial, which is written by Curtis Hibbs and it contains a series of excellent articles.

Rail Casts

The Rail Casts are put together by Ryan Bates and they cover mostly intermediate techniques and topics. The casts are short and to the point, helping you learn and apply the techniques right away.

Try Ruby

Try Ruby – if you know nothing about Ruby, then this is a great site to start. It comes with two interactive tutorials and you can type code and test it in your browser.

Ruby Koans

Ruby Koans uses sets of unit test and is good place to visit if you want to learn Ruby. The authors are Jim Weirich and Joe O’Brien and their creative approach will help you learn the language, its syntax, functions, libraries, and structure.

Have you or are you learning Ruby? Please share the resources you are using in the comments.