21 Job Sites that Actually Help You Find a Job in IT

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Benjamin Franklin once wrote “…in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” As you probably know to make it easier to pay one and achieve the other you need to have a job. Now I know as well as anyone the trials and tribulations you go through trying to find work. Job hunting will never be fun but the sites below make it much less of a hassle.

Below I have listed 21 sites that provide listings for positions in the technology field. A few of them you have probably heard, such as Career Builder or Monster and several may be new to you, like FreshWebJobs.com or Authentic Jobs. Either way all of these sites are great for finding any type of position in IT. I encourage everyone to check them out whether you are just looking for a job or wanting to advance your career.


CareerBuilder is one of the top sites on the Web. It has thousands of job postings and resumes and has partnered with several large newspaper publishers to provide local and national job listings. You can find any type of position you are looking for in IT on this site.


If you go purely by the number of posted jobs and resumes, Monster is the largest job site around. You can find positions in almost every career field using Monster.


Dice is the top job board for finding careers in IT. Positions range from everything from software engineers to networking to security. Best suited for those who have experience in the field they are searching in.


Indeed is a site that includes job listings from thousands of Web sites, these sites include company career pages, newspaper classifieds, job boards, and more. This is a great site to start your initial job search to see what is out there.


An excellent job board for creative people whether you are an artist, designer, or developer.


SimplyHired will help you search job boards, classifieds, and company sites. There are Advanced search options to help you narrow your search down.


USAJobs is the official site for listing jobs with the Federal government. This is the only place to look if you aspire to work in IT for the Feds.


Allows you to quickly locate computer related positions offered by 4000+ companies.


This site is specifically for professionals seeking a career in Latin America or the U.S and is tailored to those who speak English, Spanish and Portuguese. This is a great site for finding jobs from Brazil to Boston.


FreshWebJobs is a job board focused on finding jobs for professionals. If you have a passion for the latest Web technologies, Web standards, and Web design trends this site is for you.


This job search engine will help you find unadvertised jobs listed on company Web sites. LinkUp monitors the career sections on websites to make these positions easier to find.

Just Tech Jobs

Just Tech Jobs is ecactly that, just tech jobs. This site will provide you with targeted, high-tech job openings from the top employers in your area.


If you are interested in a contract position Net-Temps will help you find a job in major cities across the United States. Post your resume for free so that recruiters can find you.


evolt.org lists jobs all over the world for developers, programmers, and Web designers.


From the folks who bring us TechCrunch, MobileCrunch, CrunchGear and other top technology blogs comes CrunchBoard. This is a great site for people in IT looking to advance their careers.

Authentic Jobs

Here is another outstanding website for Web designers and developers to find a job.


You can find any type of IT job you can think of at devBistro including network engineers, system administrators, C++ developers, and much more.

Computing Careers

Computing Careers features a giant database of Web Developer jobs and programmer jobs. There are hundreds of positions posted by the top employers and recruiters in the IT industry.


You can find over 40,000 full-time IT career opportunities from all over the US at developers.net.


All Web professionals looking for a job have to check out Sensational Jobs. It has an easy to browse interface with thousands of Web Jobs ranging from Graphic Designer to Web Content Specialist.


If you would prefer to be a freelancer and not work for “the man” register here so that prospective employers can find you. Categories range from business consulting to programming.


If the messages I am getting are any indication this article is quite popular. I wanted to go ahead and update it with two more sites that I thought you should know about.  Here they are:

Stack Overflow Careers

From everyones favorite programming Q&A site comes Stack Overflow Careers. Everyone from PHP developers to database engineers need to check this site out if they are interested in some pretty hot jobs. You can also keep track of what jobs are being posted by following them on Twitter @StackCareers.

Startups Hiring

I was surprised that I had not hear do this really nicely organized job listing site. There are over 1000 jobs from close two 200 of the hottest companies on the Internet. These companies range from Twitter to Dropbox to Posterous.  Check it out for yourself, you will be pretty impressed with the selection.

One last shout out goes to the folks sharing their favorite job sites in the comments. Keep them coming, I am sure they are greatly appreciated.

Please feel free to post your job hunting success stories or tips, recommendations, and opinions in the comments.